Watch: Donghae And Song Ha Yoon Impress With Their Chemistry On The Set Of “Oh! Youngsim”

Oh! Youngsim” has dropped a making-of film for its final two episodes!

Based on the classic Korean cartoon “Youngsim,” “Oh! Youngsim” is a romantic comedy about the reunion between childhood friends Oh Young Sim (Song Ha Yoon) and Wang Kyung Tae (Super Junior’s Donghae), who unexpectedly run into each other again after 20 years.

Following the drama’s recent finale, “Oh! Youngsim” took viewers back to set for a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of their final episodes.

The clip begins with Song Ha Yoon and Donghae filming with H.O.T.’s Tony Ahn, who plays Young Sim’s brother-in-law Woo Sang. The actress comments on how fascinating it is to be talking with a member of H.O.T., while Donghae recalls attending the group’s last concert in 2001 at the Seoul Olympic Main Stadium as a guest.

Later they rehearse a scene where Song Ha Yoon attempts to get Donghae to apologize and hits him on the head when he doesn’t, leading them both to burst into laughter. They successfully make it through filming but immediately crack up once the take is over. Donghae then jokingly adds, “If she hits me any more, she might end up beating me up!”

They keep filming because the actors struggle to hold in their laughter and are surprised to learn that the final take was approved, despite the giggles.

As the scene progresses, they move on to the part where tteokbokki gets thrown at Donghae’s shirt. When he gets the “OK” in one take, the set erupts into cheers for Donghae.

Watch the full making-of video here!

Catch “Oh! Youngsim” with subtitles below!

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