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Approaching its finale, “My Perfect Stranger” left viewers in shock with its most recent episodes!

“My Perfect Stranger” is a fantasy time-travel drama starring Kim Dong Wook as Yoon Hae Joon, who wants to uncover the truth behind a serial murder case from the past, and Jin Ki Joo as Baek Yoon Young, who wants to prevent her parents’ wedding. After getting stuck in the year 1987 together, the two realize that their goals may be connected.

With just two episodes remaining, here are some key moments from episodes 13 and 14.


Yoon Hae Joon ♥ Baek Yoon Young and their promise of a happy future

The two have gradually confirmed their feelings for each other, leaving viewers excited with their promise of a future together. However, Yoon Hae Joon was framed due to misunderstandings by Baek Dong Sik (Choi Young Woo) and had to reveal to Baek Dong Sik and Yoon Byung Goo (Kim Jong Soo) that he and Yoon Young are time travelers in order to escape the investigation.

After leaving the police station, Yoon Hae Joon made a risky decision to apprehend the culprit once and for all, and before that, he headed to the beach with Baek Yoon Young to spend time together. The two shared a heartwarming moment talking about this and that by the seaside, leaving the viewers with a poignant moment to remember.

Will the two be able to return to the altered future together? Viewers will have to see what kind of ending is awaiting Yoon Hae Joon now that he has stopped Yoon Yeon Woo (Jung Jae Kwang) from escaping in the time machine.

An unpredictable turn of events as the search for the culprit continues

In order to narrow down who the culprit might be, Yoon Hae Joon used himself as bait and conducted a false interview, claiming to have seen the face of the criminal. He and Baek Dong Sik predicted that the culprit would appear at their house after the news ended, but an unexpected development unfolded when Cheong Ah (Jung Shin Hye) appeared instead.

Cheong Ah, who was about to leave town, informed Yoon Hae Joon that she believed her lover Yoon Yeon Woo to be the culprit. After finding his time machine has disappeared, Yoon Hae Joon fell into further confusion. Could his own father really be the criminal?

Several suspects were examined in previous episodes on the quest to find the culprit behind the serial murder case. Yoon Hae Joon’s own father becoming the next person of interest was an unexpected turn that no one saw coming.

The year 1987 is changing! What does the future hold?

In his attempt to prevent his own death through time travel, Yoon Hae Joon had to maneuver around several surprise hurdles and variables. But thanks to his false interview, a victim who was ignored by the police finally started receiving protection, and people who had remained silent about the case began to take an interest in it.

Baek Dong Sik, who abandoned his detective work due to guilt toward his nephew, began to believe in Yoon Hae Joon and started to work tirelessly on the case. As the story progresses in a positive direction, anticipation rises for whether the future that Yoon Hae Joon and Baek Yoon Young wanted for themselves will unfold in the place they return to.

From thrilling suspense to moments that tug at the viewers’ heartstrings, “My Perfect Stranger” is pulling viewers further into its plot. In the final episode, which will air next week, the truth behind the case and the narratives of all the characters will be unveiled.

The next episode of “My Perfect Stranger” airs on June 19 at 9:45 p.m. KST.

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