4 Reasons To Tune In To The Premiere Of “Lies Hidden In My Garden”

Upcoming thriller drama “Lies Hidden in My Garden” has got viewers anticipating its premiere!

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, “Lies Hidden in My Garden” is a suspenseful new thriller about two women who lead entirely different lives. However, a suspicious smell in one of their backyards winds up bringing the two together in ways that they could never have expected.

“Lies Hidden in My Garden” has been garnering a lot of attention for being the latest work of director Jung Ji Hyun, of hit dramas “Twenty Five, Twenty One” and “Search: WWW,” as well as for its solid cast lineup of Kim Tae Hee, Lim Ji Yeon, Kim Sung Oh, and Choi Jae Rim. Ahead of its premiere, the drama has shared four things viewers should look forward to in the drama.

An unprecedented mystery that will begin with a dead body stench emanating from the protagonist’s backyard

“Lies Hidden in My Garden” piques curiosity with its mysterious line: “The backyard smells like a dead body.” The eerie smell emanating from the backyard of a beautiful home creates suspense for the viewers as Joo Ran (Kim Tae Hee) becomes extremely disturbed. This leads her to become unable to trust her family and even herself.

Additionally, the families of Joo Ran and Sang Eun (Lim Ji Yeon), who are on opposite ends of the spectrum, become intertwined in the case, creating a mire of mystery.

The beautiful synergy between Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon

“Lies Hidden in My Garden” marks Kim Tae Hee’s first thriller since her debut and Lim Ji Yeon’s first after starring in the hit drama “The Glory.” Kim Tae Hee, who has already established herself as an actress in a variety of genres, will take on the role of Joo Ran, the protagonist who lives a picture-perfect life in a perfect house until she is disturbed by the smell of a dead body in her backyard. Sang Eun is a domestic violence victim played by Lim Ji Yeon, who owned the first half of 2023 with her intense villainous performance in “The Glory,” and is now returning with a character that is entirely different. She embodies the eerie emptiness of Sang Eun’s life with her raw performance, exuding an overwhelming aura in every scene.

To top it all off, Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon play characters who are diametrically opposed to each other, creating an unprecedented synergy between the strong contrast and exquisite ensemble.

The intense performances of Kim Sung Oh and Choi Jae Rim

Viewers can also look forward to the strong performances of Kim Sung Oh and Choi Jae Rim. Kim Sung Oh plays Joo Ran’s husband Jae Ho, a perfectionist doctor who runs a pediatric hospital, whose duality will cause a great conflict in the drama. Choi Jae Rim plays Sang Eun’s husband Yoon Bum, a vicious pharmaceutical salesman who abuses his wife and blackmails people for financial gain.

In particular, Kim Sung Oh and Choi Jae Rim play crucial roles in disrupting the lives of Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon and their respective families, and the mystery surrounding them will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Viewers can look forward to seeing how the two problematic husbands compare.

The first thriller drama of director Jung Ji Hyun

Viewers should also anticipate the overwhelming mise-en-scène by director Jung Ji Hyun, who is known for his sensuous directing. After breaking into the limelight with “Search: WWW” in 2019, director Jung Ji Hyun returns with his first thriller following the mega-hit “Twenty Five, Twenty One.” As suspense thriller is a genre that will maximize the director’s unique directorial style, it is expected that Jung Ji Hyun will once again show his true talent in “Lies Hidden in My Garden.”

“Lies Hidden in My Garden” premieres on June 19 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available with subtitles on Viki!

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