Kim Min Jae Discusses His Upcoming Military Enlistment And The Possibility Of

Kim Min Jae has discussed “Dr. Romantic,” his upcoming military enlistment, and more in a new interview!

Following the conclusion of his latest drama “Dr. Romantic 3,” Kim Min Jae sat for an interview to reflect on starring in all three seasons and chat about his future plans.

During the “Dr. Romantic 3” press conference back in April, Han Suk Kyu unintentionally revealed Kim Min Jae’s plans to enlist by commenting, “When I met Kim Min Jae during Season 1, there was a point where I told him, ‘Hurry up, and go to the military,’ but he is going to the military in July.” As he had yet to announce his enlistment, Kim Min Jae was initially a little flustered, but he sweetly added, “I think this will become the last project of my 20s.”

Following up on this surprise announcement, Kim Min Jae clarified, “I’m not enlisting in July and the date has yet to be finalized. I think I’ll go [to the military] within the year.”

On applying to serve in the military band, the actor commented, “I thought that I needed more time to study my life. I’m looking forward to it as I believe it’ll be a valuable time of self-development.”

Kim Min Jae added, “I thought I’d be so happy if I could carry out my military service while doing music. I believed it’d be such a great time if I could learn something related to my career and spend time with friends. However, I may be rejected from the military band.”

After starring in all three seasons of the “Dr. Romantic” series, Kim Min Jae was naturally asked whether he’d accept an offer for a potential fourth season. He revealed, “I want to appear. ‘Dr. Romantic’ is so meaningful to me. I’ve always wanted to do it. All the actors feel the same in wanting to do it.”

However, the actor also touched on the tough realities of another season, given that he plays a supporting role and may have to give up another project to continue with the series. Kim Min Jae elaborated, “To be honest, [deciding on] my appearance in Season 2 was difficult and my appearance in Season 3 was difficult too. I was also dissuaded by those around me.” He added, “I figure that we’ll know once we get there. During Season 1, I didn’t know Season 2 would be produced, and during Season 2, I didn’t know Season 3 would be produced.”

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