An Unexpected Solar Wind Leaves EXO's D.O. Stranded On

Upcoming film “The Moon” has shared new stills of EXO’s D.O.!

Produced by director Kim Yong Hwa, the mastermind behind the “Along With the Gods” series, “The Moon” will tell the story of an astronaut left alone in space and another man on Earth who is desperately trying to save him.

EXO’s D.O. plays astronaut Hwang Sun Woo, a molecular physics major and former Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) soldier who joins Korea’s first manned spacecraft as the youngest member. But when an unexpected solar wind strikes the spacecraft and kills Hwang Sun Woo’s companions, he gets stranded in space over 384,000 kilometers away from Earth.

The newly released stills show a contrasting appearances of astronaut Sun Woo who is on a lunar exploration mission. In a dangerous situation where his survival is uncertain, Sun Woo decides to go to the moon to complete a mission, enjoying the thrill of being the first Korean astronaut to set foot on the moon. However, that’s when the unexpected hardships begin.

After starring in the “Along With the Gods” series, D.O. is now reuniting with director Kim Yong Hwa for the second time. Talking about his upcoming character in “The Moon,” D.O. revealed, “I focused on expressing the fear, terror, and loneliness that Sun Woo must have felt while stranded and alone in space.”

Praising D.O.’s detailed portrayal of Sun Woo’s complex feelings while on the moon, director Kim Yong Hwa shared, “Since ‘Along With the Gods,’ I thought he had already been acting for about 10 years.” He continued, “He portrayed the emotional scenes brilliantly while wearing an extremely heavy space suit in the middle of summer in a place with not much air or wind circulation. That is something that deserves tons of applause.”

“The Moon” will hit theaters on August 2. Watch a trailer here!

In the meantime, watch D.O. in “Bad Prosecutor” below:

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