Red Velvet's Yeri Talks About Dealing With Public Perception, What She Enjoys About Acting, And More

Cosmopolitan has unveiled their lovely pictorial and interview with Red Velvet’s Yeri!

Earlier this month, Red Velvet wrapped up their “R to V” world tour with a final show in London. Yeri commented, “As this was our first world tour in awhile, it was a tour where you could feel everyone trying hard to enjoy themselves. It was fun that the fans’ vibes were different in each city, but the one thing in common was that I could hear them singing along to Korean lyrics in every performance. I got goosebumps. I felt really thankful and it was so meaningful.” Yeri added that after their shows, she made sure to explore each city to meet with friends and eat good food.

Currently, Yeri is starring as queen bee Baek Jenna in the murder mystery drama “BITCH X RICH.” When the interviewer expressed their surprise at Yeri’s cruel acting, she responded, “I tried this [drama] as I wanted to expand the spectrum of my acting. As it’s a character I haven’t done before, people were very surprised. I did my lines thinking most importantly about my tone, speed, and rhythm.” Laughing, she added, “Rather than a kid who just plays around, I had to look like a princess. An authoritative character who speaks slowly and seeks power over people. Since she’s the complete opposite of me, I worried about how to portray that image.”

When asked about the difference between acting and being on stage with Red Velvet, Yeri answered, “As Red Velvet, I’ve promoted for a long time, have many hit songs, and am recognized wherever I go. But with acting, I’m a complete rookie. But I really like that. Because I can learn a whole lot. Also, since it’s a job where you work really closely with the director, assistant director, filming director, and lighting director, I like that you can work in a friendlier way. I really like working in that way. Even people I meet for the first time feel like family after filming and being together for two to three months.”

Describing herself as others see her, Yeri shared, “I really clearly dislike things I don’t like, and I really like things that I like. That standard doesn’t change and stays consistent. The one thing that’s changed is that I’ve come to like dogs! When I was younger, I was scared of dogs.”

Yeri then elaborated on how the public has a lot of preconceptions about her, saying, “This is a career where if your eyebrow shape changes a bit, you hear people wonder why you did angled eyebrows when they think straight eyebrows suit you better. In the past, this bothered me. I didn’t know myself and had no backbone. When I heard things like that, I wondered, ‘Should I only do straight eyebrows?’ but that’s living for others, not living a life for myself. I didn’t know very well because I debuted at a young age, but now that I’m older, I’ve come to think about living a life for myself. While doing things I want to do. Now, I no longer pay attention to thoughtless criticism from people I don’t know.”

She explained that she experienced this shift in mindset at age 20 and elaborated, “This was the hardest time in my life. I didn’t know what kind of person I was or what kind of things I liked. While going to counselling and reflecting on myself a lot, I learned what I liked and disliked, and how to calm my mind. That period actually helped me grow more. But even then, I experience slumps periodically. My personal solution is doing something new. Even a little hobby is good. You have to protect yourself like that.”

In Yeri’s Instagram post wrapping up 2022, she wrote about wanting to “live clearer and brighter.” On what she meant by this, Yeri shared, “I want to have a clear and bright mind and heart. When working, what I think is most important is ‘I must catch myself.’ If I don’t, I will easily fall into a depression. Some people enjoy that sadness, and even fall deeper into that depression by listening to sad music. I tried that too. But I was scared. I don’t want to be like that. I think it’s really cool when I see people living clearly and brightly.”

Looking ahead, Yeri spoke about what she’d like to try out in the near future. Yeri commented, “The work I’ve started, I have to do well. My work in singing, acting, my YouTube channel, and more. Although I also like getting recognition from others, I want to try doing things that make me look at myself and go, ‘Oh, I’m kind of cool.’ I’m the type to not really take in compliments or criticism, so I have to work diligently until I think that I am doing okay and look cool.”

On her more specific plans for the year, Yeri continued, “I want to go to New York and Jeju Island. It’s really different to go for fun and for work. If I go on a world tour, I have to keep wearing tight clothing and can’t eat delicious things to my heart’s content.” She added, “I want to go on vacation and not for work, eat yummy good, and take a stroll down a quiet street.”

Yeri’s full interview will be in the July issue of Cosmopolitan Korea!

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