BOYNEXTDOOR Discusses Their Strengths, Dreams For The Group, And More

The members of BOYNEXTDOOR have spoken excitedly about their debut and dreams with W Korea!

Along with a pictorial, BOYNEXTDOOR sat for individual interviews with the magazine where they introduced themselves, revealed their dreams and why they wanted to become singers, and much more.

Sungho began, “[I am] someone you can introduce with the words ‘always professional.’ In terms of work, I tend to maintain a delicate and sensitive attitude so people often call me ‘meticulous Sungho.'”

On what made him want to pursue singing, Sungho revealed, “In middle school, there’s a period where you think a lot about your career. Because of my personality, I thought I’d have such a hard time if I didn’t do something I liked. After pondering for a long time ‘What is it that I like?’ I realized that I’m someone who’s happiest when I’m singing and on stage. Naturally, I had no choice but to choose a career as a singer. I made such a good choice!”

Touching on his long-term dream, Sungho shared, “I want to live while doing this work for a long time. Whenever our fans come to support us or I see letters they’ve written, I feel a wide variety of emotions. In the future too, I hope I can stand on stage in a variety of places while communicating with a variety of fans. I want to become a Sungho and BOYNEXTDOOR who makes all our supporters proud!”

Taesan introduced himself as “someone who is creative and has infinite potential.” When asked about his confidence, Taesan explained, “At this exact moment, I can’t say I’m confident, but I’m confident that with time, I will become an artist who is recognized for their musicality. I want to better develop my musicality.”

On what youth means to him, Taesan answered, “Beauty and memories that are unique to me. No one else can relate to my youth as well as me, so my most beautiful and precious memories are my youth. Also, since remembering your youth through memories alone is hard, I regularly try to take lots of photos and videos. These days too, I occasionally look over my [photo] albums and get lost in memories by myself.”

BOYNEXTDOOR’s youngest member Woonhak introduced himself as the group’s well-rounded maknae, but was quick to add that he doesn’t have much of a cute side. He explained, “But since I’m still young, my members and our fans just look upon me cutely.” Woonhak then shared that since people adore him for his cuteness, he was diligently practicing his aegyo.

Sharing his affection for the group, Woonhak shared of the group’s strengths, “There’s a comfortable charm that comes out naturally from us and we intertwine our lives with our music. Also, because our members write songs knowing each other’s qualities, being able to preserve our individuality is another strength and feature [of our group].”

Woonhak then revealed his dream, saying, “I want to make music for a long time that fans and the public can relate to. I want to become a cultural icon with the influence to remind someone later on of a generation when they reflect back on me and become strength to someone else through my actions.”

Leehan introduced himself as “a sweet and warm person.” Thinking back to why he wanted to become a singer, Leehan commented, “I believe a singer is a career where you laugh and cry with the public and share emotions. It was charming that [as a singer,] I could give comfort to many people, and also receive it.”

For BOYNEXTDOOR’s debut, the group dropped three music videos for their triple title tracks. Leehan revealed that all the music videos were filmed in the United States and added, “There was a scene we filmed at the aquarium. I was able to see fish that are hard to see in Korea, so it was so fun.”

Regarding his overarching dream, Leehan remarked, “I want to show many people the personality and strengths of Leehan and present a different vibe with each song.”

To describe himself, Riwoo stated, “A quiet but fun person. Although I am not talkative and don’t have big reactions, the things I say quietly are a bit fun.”

When asked about his take on compliments, Riwoo responded, “Since I’ve danced for a long time, if I feel happier after getting compliments about my dancing, I am unspeakably happy when I receive compliments about my singing.”

For his dream for BOYNEXTDOOR, Riwoo chose the group getting recognized by everybody. He explained, “We’ve worked diligently and are going to work even harder in the future too, so I hope more people recognize us.”

Jaehyun explained himself as “someone who chases perfection” and added, “Although I’m not perfect, I’m trying to become someone who pursues perfection.”

BOYNEXTDOOR is KOZ Entertainment’s first boy group produced by Zico. On working with producers Zico and Pop Time, leader Jaehyun remarked, “I’m in charge of the final chorus in all three songs on ‘WHO!’ The producers said ‘Only you can do this part.’ I’m someone with big energy. I also have the ability to bring out that energy. In that sense, I figure that’s why they entrusted me with the part that needs to be somewhat explosive.”

Jaehyun participated in writing lyrics for “Serenade,” one of BOYNEXTDOOR’s three debut title tracks. He explained of the song, “It’s a story of confessing ‘Although I have nothing, I have confidence that I can love you more than anyone else.’ When I wrote the lyrics, I asked my dad a cliché question. ‘Dad, how did you confess to mom?’ This song’s lyrics begin right from this question.”

Finally, Jaehyun shared of his dream, “My dream as an artist is to have a positive influence on someone through music. My personal dream is to become a person who puts a smile on someone’s face when they think of me.”

Check out W Korea’s July issue for BOYNEXTDOOR’s full feature!

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