2PM's Lee Junho Gets Jealous Over Girls' Generation's YoonA And An Woo Yeon In

A love triangle is in the making on JTBC’s “King the Land”!

“King the Land” is a new drama about the unlikely romance between Gu Won (Lee Junho), a chaebol heir who can’t stand fake smiles, and the constantly smiling Cheon Sa Rang (Girls’ Generation’s YoonA), who becomes known as the “queen of smiles” while working her way up at the King Hotel.


On the first two episodes of “King the Land,” Gu Won and Cheon Sa Rang got off on the wrong foot due to a disastrous first (and second) meeting. However, as they kept running into one another, they slowly began to get closer—and even while pretending not to care about her, Gu Won couldn’t help paying attention to Cheon Sa Rang’s every move. Towards the end of the second episode, Gu Won was surprised by his own heart fluttering when he saw Cheon Sa Rang arrive at the airport, suggesting that he was already developing romantic feelings for the woman he’d insisted wasn’t his type.

Meanwhile, Cheon Sa Rang struggled with heartache due to her inconsiderate boyfriend Gong Yoo Nam (An Woo Yeon), and she even told him that she was seriously considering breaking up with him.

In newly released stills from the drama’s next episode, Gong Yoo Nam surprises Cheon Sa Rang by unexpectedly going all the way to her hotel in order to meet her. Caught off guard by his sudden arrival, Cheon Sa Rang stands still as her boyfriend affectionately embraces her outside the hotel.

Watching the scene unfold from a distance, Gu Won is unable to hide his displeasure at the couple’s public display of affection. During his trip to Jeju with Cheon Sa Rang, Gu Won winds up feeling a wide variety of unexpected emotions, and so he can’t help but get jealous seeing her with Gong Yoo Nam afterwards.

To find out if Cheon Sa Rang will stay together with Gong Yoo Nam—and how their relationship will affect Gu Won—tune in to the third episode of “King the Land” on June 24 at 10:30 p.m. KST!

In the meantime, watch An Woo Yeon in his previous drama “Kokdu: Season of Deity” with subtitles below:

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