Kim Min Joon Gently Looks After Park Joo Mi Following Her Unexpected Arrival In

TV Chosun’s newest weekend drama “Durian’s Affair” has shared stills ahead of the upcoming episode!

“Durian’s Affair” is the latest project by famous scriptwriter Phoebe (Im Sung Han), who wrote “Princess Aurora,” “Dear Heaven,” “New Tales of Gisaeng,” and “Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce).” The fantasy romance drama is a story that travels through time and follows the chaebol Dan family who gets tangled with two mysterious women.


Previously, episode 1 captured the story of Du Ri An (Park Joo Mi) and Kim So Jeo (Lee Da Yeon), who transcended time and space, as well as the Dan family, who became tangled with the two women. When the lunar eclipse began, Du Ri An and Kim So Jeo crawled out of the Dan family’s villa pond, and they ended up at Lee Eun Sung’s (Han Da Gam’s) house after losing their consciousnesses in front of her. After coming to, Du Ri An fell into great shock once more after discovering Dan Chi Gam (Kim Min Joon), who looks exactly like Dol Soe (Kim Min Joon) from her time period.

The upcoming episode depicts a strange atmosphere as Du Ri An faints in front of Dan Chi Gam again. Du Ri An is lying on the floor while receiving an IV drip with her eyes closed. Meanwhile, Dan Chi Gam watches Du Ri An with an unreadable expression. Dan Chi Gam then helps to support Du Ri An’s head by placing a blanket beneath her head.

The production team shared, “Through the thrilling events Du Ri An faces as she arrives [in modern-day Korea] by transcending time and space, viewers will feel the excitement of a fantasy drama. In the upcoming broadcast of episode 2, the story of Du Ri An and Kim So Jeo’s first day after landing in modern South Korea will unfold. Please check through the broadcast the story of the two women who will become entangled with the Dan family.”

Episode 2 of “Durian’s Affair” will air on June 25 at 9:10 p.m. KST.

Catch the premiere of “Durian’s Affair” on Viki below:

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