Highlight's Son Dongwoon Announces Marriage With Heartfelt Letter

Highlight’s Son Dongwoon is tying the knot!

On June 27, Son Dongwoon personally announced through a handwritten letter that he would be getting married to his non-celebrity girlfriend this September.

Highlight’s agency Around US Entertainment also confirmed the news, adding, “Out of consideration for the bride-to-be, who is not a celebrity, and both families, we will not be announcing exact details such as the wedding date and location. We ask for fans’ generous understanding in this regard.”

Son Dongwoon’s full letter is as follows:

Dear Light,

Hello, this is Highlight’s Dongwoon.

I’m writing you a handwritten letter for the first time in a long while. I think this may be sudden news for you. Because I’m well aware that you may be very surprised and also somewhat hurt [by this news], I feel extremely nervous and very cautious even now. But I wanted to tell you all first, before anyone else, so I’ve worked up the courage to write this letter.

Thankfully, I wound up meeting someone who understands me and is very considerate of me, and at a certain point, I started thinking that I wanted to be together with her in the future as well, so we will be holding a wedding in September. Because the person I’m marrying is not someone in the same line of work as my own, we plan to hold a quiet ceremony with just our families and close friends. I truly apologize for the fact that I wasn’t able to personally tell you about [our relationship] up until now and that I had no choice but to be sparing with my words.

I first met you all at the age of 19 [by Korean reckoning]. Both in my family and in my group, I have always been the youngest, and I’m sincerely grateful that all of you have given me even more love and support for being the youngest. Both when I first debuted and now, I am lacking in many ways, but I’m well aware that I was able to grow this much and become the person I am today thanks to the unimaginable amounts of love that all of you gave me.

I’m also grateful to the other Highlight members, who have always believed in me and supported me with unchanging hearts. I won’t forget these feelings of gratitude to everyone, and I will work even harder in the future than I have up until now. I will repay all of your love as an even more mature version of Highlight’s Son Dongwoon who does his very best within his position. Thank you for reading these clumsily written words up until the end.

Highlight’s Son Dongwoon.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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