Kim So Hyun Is The Only Person Who Trusts Hwang Minhyun In New Drama “My Lovely Liar”

tvN has unveiled two new posters for its upcoming drama “My Lovely Liar”!

“My Lovely Liar” is a mystery romance drama about a woman who can hear lies and a genius music producer who is hiding his identity. Kim So Hyun will star as Mok Sol Hee, whose supernatural ability to detect lies has made her lose faith in other people, while Hwang Minhyun will play her reclusive next-door neighbor Kim Do Ha, who must hide his face from the world due to an unspeakable secret.

In the first of two newly released character posters, Kim So Hyun wears a confident smile as the professional “liar hunter” Mok Sol Hee, a human lie detector who offers her services to clients in need of the truth. As someone who detects lies for a living, she proudly boasts in her caption, “If I say it’s so, then it is!”

However, Mok Sol Hee’s seemingly infallible superpower proves meaningless around her suspicious neighbor Kim Do Ha, who never lies to her.

In his own character poster, Minhyun exudes an air of lonely melancholy as he sits on the floor of Kim Do Ha’s studio surrounded by recording equipment. Forced to hide the truth due to his circumstances, Kim Do Ha has had nowhere to turn except for music, which has been his sole source of comfort for years.

But after he crosses paths with Mok Sol Hee, it seems that loner Kim Do Ha may finally have found someone he can confide in. His caption asks, as if in disbelief, “You… actually believe me?”

The producers of “My Lovely Liar” teased, “Mok Sol Hee, who can hear the truth, and Kim Do Ha, who is hiding the truth, have polar-opposite tastes and personalities. Seeing these two people slowly open their hearts to one another and become part of each other’s lives will be fun to watch while also making viewers’ hearts flutter.”

“My Lovely Liar” will premiere on July 31 at 8:50 p.m. KST. In the meantime, check out the latest teaser for the drama here!

While you wait for “My Lovely Liar,” watch Kim So Hyun in “The Tale of Nokdu” with subtitles below:

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