Lee Min Ki, Han Ji Min, EXO’s Suho, And More Impress At 1st Script Reading For Upcoming Comedy Thriller Drama

JTBC’s upcoming weekend drama starring Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, and EXO’s Suho has shared photos from the first script reading!

“Behind Your Touch” (working title) is a comedy investigative drama about a diligent yet busybody veterinarian Bong Ye Boon (Han Ji Min) who somehow gains psychometric abilities to be able to see the past of both people and animals in Mujin, a small rural village free of crime, and the ambitious elite detective Moon Jang Yeol (Lee Min Ki) who needs her abilities to return to the criminal investigation team in Seoul.

Alongside director Kim Seok Yoon and writer Lee Nam Kyu at the reading were cast members Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, EXO’s Suho, Joo Min Kyung, Kim Hee Won, Park Hyuk Kwon, Park Sung Yeon, Lee Seung Joon, Park No Shik, Yang Jae Sung, Jung Yi Rang, and Cho Min Guk.

From the get-go, Han Ji Min captivated with her transformation into the affectionate and busybody veterinarian Bong Ye Boon who gains psychometric abilities by chance. She has the ability to see the past of people and animals if she touches their butt. While testing out her abilities, she gets caught by zealous detective Moon Jang Yeol and sets out to resolve a mysterious incident.

Lee Min Ki charismatically transformed into detective Moon Jang Yeol who has been relegated to the rural village of Mujin from the criminal investigation team. Overflowing with passion, he has great obsession over investigating his cases, so he goes around looking for opportunities to return to Seoul from his peaceful and quiet life in Mujin. He becomes completely drained after seeing Bong Ye Boon, who possesses a novel and bizarre ability. However, while taking care of cases one at a time, a serial murder case occurs in Mujin, awakening his detective instincts. At the script reading, it was said that Moon Jang Yeol’s nonstop comical bicker with Bong Ye Boon already brought great laughter to the set.

EXO’s Suho will take on the role of Kim Sun Woo, who has an angelic appearance and personality. He suddenly comes down to the village of Mujin one day and starts working as a part-timer at a convenience store, shaking up Bong Ye Boon’s heart with his kind smile. Already, anticipation is great for Suho’s portrayal of the friendly yet mysterious Kim Sun Woo, who is a difficult character to read.

The simple but somehow suspicious villagers will be portrayed by veteran actors and actresses. Joo Min Kyung will star as Bae Ok Hee, Mujin’s most sociable person. Although Bae Ok Hee is famous around town for being silly and unsophisticated at times, she is fiercely loyal and cares about her best friend Bong Ye Boon more than anyone else in the world.

Kim Hee Won will add laughter to the drama with his role as the head of Mujin Police Station’s Violent Crimes Team Won Jong Mook who always acts nonchalant and ice cold to Jung Hyun Ok, his “first love” who unashamedly flirts with him whenever she has the chance to. Park Sung Yeon will take on the role of Jung Hyun Ok, Bong Ye Boon’s aunt who runs the Bong Animal Clinic with Bong Ye Boon. Even though she knows she’s late now, she tries her best to win her first love Won Jong Mook’s heart back. Her unpredictable love story with Won Jong Mook will be one of the key points to look forward to in the drama.

Park Hyuk Kwon will star as Park Jong Bae, a shaman who has lost his “skill” but still keep his job just to earn a living. Lee Seung Joon will play the role of Cha Joo Man, a native of Mujin who is also a gentle and easy-going congressman. Park No Shik will star as Kim Kwang Shik, an old bachelor who is now busy stealing women’s hearts after he accidentally gains a superpower by chance, just like Bong Ye Boon. Yang Jae Sung will star as Jung Eui Hwan, Bong Ye Boon’s grandfather and a righteous former director of Jung Livestock Hospital.

Jung Yi Rang will play Na Mi Ran, a witty detective who always exerts her police authority to investigate her husband’s constant affairs. Lastly, Cho Min Guk will star as Bae Deok Hee, the maknae in the detective team who always helps Moon Jang Yeol as the latter constantly has a hard time with the mysterious Mujin villagers.

The production team commented, “The actors’ passionate performance and synergy that go flawlessly back and forth between comedy and thrillers are a joy to watch. Please look forward to a new level of psychomedy [psychometric X comedy] thriller that will be presented by this dream team.”

“Behind Your Touch” is slated to premiere on August 12 at 10:30 p.m. KST as the follow-up to “King the Land.”

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