VANNER’s Ahxian Changes Stage Name

VANNER’s Ahxian has officially changed his stage name!

On July 1, VANNER’s new agency KLAP Entertainment announced that Ahxian was leaving his old stage name behind and would instead be promoting under his given name, Sunggook, from here on out.

The agency’s full statement is as follows:

Hello. This is KLAP Entertainment.

We offer our deepest thanks to the fans who give VANNER their love.

As of July 1, member Ahxian has changed his stage name to his given name of Sunggook. The decision to change his stage name was made out of consideration for the member’s own wishes, so we ask that you give Sunggook and VANNER lots of love and support in their future activities.

Thank you.

After winning the JTBC survival show “Peak Time“—on which they competed under the name of Team 11:00—earlier this year, VANNER signed with KLAP Entertainment in May.

Watch VANNER on “Peak Time” with subtitles below!

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