Lee Junho Tries To Impress YoonA’s Grandmother In “King The Land”

2PM’s Lee Junho will go all out trying to impress Girls’ Generation’s YoonA’s grandmother on “King the Land”!

JTBC’s “King the Land” is a new drama about the unlikely romance between Gu Won (Lee Junho), a chaebol heir who can’t stand fake smiles, and the constantly smiling Cheon Sa Rang (YoonA), who becomes known as the “queen of smiles” while working her way up at the King Hotel.


In newly released stills from the drama’s upcoming sixth episode, Gu Won visits the restaurant run by Cheon Sa Rang’s grandmother Cha Soon Hee (Kim Young Ok). However, he winds up getting more than he bargained for: Cha Soon Hee doesn’t care about his high-ranking position or the fact that he’s looking for her granddaughter, and she immediately puts him to work peeling onions in the kitchen.

Although he is initially taken aback by the situation, Gu Won soon dons a flowery apron and gets to work following Cha Soon Hee’s orders. Later, Cheon Sa Rang is shocked to find him in her grandmother’s kitchen, looking completely focused on the onion in his hand.

However, Gu Won’s toils don’t end there. Determined to get on Cha Soon Hee’s good side, the usually aloof and dour Gu Won is perfectly polite as he proffers a bouquet of flowers with a respectful bow.

Fortunately, his efforts don’t seem to go unrewarded—the pleased smile Cha Soon Hee wears as she sees the bouquet suggests that he may be making a good impression as potential grandson-in-law material.

To find out if Gu Won is able to win Cha Soon Hee’s approval as a worthy match for her granddaughter, tune in to the next episode of “King the Land” on July 2 at 10:30 p.m. KST!

In the meantime, watch Lee Junho in his previous drama “The Red Sleeve” with subtitles below:

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