Amnesiac Bae Hyun Sung Gets One Step Closer To Finding His Identity In

Will Kang Mal Geum be the key to Bae Hyun Sung’s lost memories in “Miraculous Brothers”?

JTBC’s “Miraculous Brothers” is a new mystery drama about Yook Dong Joo, an aspiring writer with tons of debt who is searching for the truth (played by Jung Woo), and Kang San, a young man who gets into an accident that robs him of his memory—but leaves him with unique supernatural powers (played by Bae Hyun Sung).


Previously on “Miraculous Brothers,” Kang San—who does not yet know his own name—woke up from a two-month coma caused by a car accident. The only thing he remembered about himself was that he was being chased by someone before his accident and that he had a bag with him, but he was unable to recall his name, age, or anything else about his identity or past.

All of Kang San’s attempts to figure out his identity also proved futile: he couldn’t even remember what had been inside his bag, which he guessed had been important to him, and the bag was ultimately stolen from him by Kai (Oh Man Seok), making it impossible for him to search it for clues. His fingerprints also weren’t found in the system, leading the authorities to believe that he was a minor.

However, in the drama’s upcoming third episode, Kang San finally finds new hope when he unexpectedly runs into someone who remembers him. In the hospital, Chae Woo Jung (Kang Mal Geum) is unable to hide her shock when she sees Kang San, leading him to ask her in surprise, “Do you know me, by any chance?”

The producers of “Miraculous Brothers” teased, “In today’s episode, Woo Jung will be overwhelmed by shock after recognizing the boy. However, their relationship is very complex. Please tune in to learn the reason why.”

To find out what Chae Woo Jung knows about Kang San—and why she is so shocked to see him—catch the third episode of “Miraculous Brothers” on July 5 at 10:30 p.m. KST!

“Miraculous Brothers” will soon be available with subtitles on Viki here. In the meantime, watch Bae Hyun Sung in “Gaus Electronics” with subtitles below:

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