8 K-Pop Idols Who Have Rocked Hair With Highlighter Yellow Hues

Yellow hair can be hard to pull off, but it’s a sure way to make a statement! It’s a bold color that you don’t see very often when it comes to hair color trends. These eight idols are the perfect example of stars who can slay the yellow hair trend.


For SEVENTEEN’s hit comeback with “Don’t Wanna Cry,” vocal team leader Woozi sported this incredibly bright hue of highlighter yellow. It’s a standout shade for sure, but it doesn’t look jarring on him. It’s a color only he could pull off so well!

Red Velvet’s Joy

For a slightly more subtle take on the yellow hair trend, Red Velvet’s Joy stuck to dyed yellow ends for the group’s “Russian Roulette” era. With a gradual fade from blonde to yellow, the change doesn’t look jarring at all—and she suits the color perfectly!

TXT’s Yeonjun

Another idol who chose to dye the ends of their hair rather than go full-on lemon, TXT’s Yeonjun sported this bright, almost neon yellow for the group’s “Can’t You See Me?” era. It’s a unique color, but it works really well for this edgy, thriller-style concept.

Kep1er’s Kang Ye Seo

For Kep1er’s comeback with “We Fresh,” maknae Kang Ye Seo sported this warm shade of yellow-leaning blonde. With most of the yellow shade staying toward the ends of her hair, she looks like a literal ray of sunshine! It’s yellow without being too in-your-face.

NCT’s Xiaojun

For NCT’s “RESONANCE Pt. 1” album, Xiaojun had a bright lemon yellow shade mixed in with a darker blond for a dye job that stood out. It worked perfectly for the “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)” concept, and it’s not a hairstyle that many idols have worn since! Xiaojun rocked this.


This color was short-lived but never forgotten! For some of BLACKPINK’s debut stages with “BOOMBAYAH,” Lisa had a special blend of three tones in her hair—black, dirty blonde, and neon yellow! Not many people are brave enough to wear this style, but she slayed it.

BTS’s J-Hope

For BTS’s single release “Butter,” J-Hope sported this sunshine-colored dye job. It’s the perfect match for the title of the song, and he really went all-in with the yellow hue! It’s not easy to make this kind of color work, but there’s no one who can do it like J-Hope.


For his yellow hair color, BTS’s leader RM went the neon direction. This style made an appearance in BTS’s English single “Permission to Dance,” and it’s a memorable one for sure. A unique mix of neon yellow and neon green, this color definitely stands out!

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