Rowoon, Jo Bo Ah, Yura, Ha Jun, And More Impress At

JTBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Destined With You” has released photos from the script reading!

“Destined With You” is a fantasy romance which will tell the love story of a woman who obtains a forbidden book sealed 300 years ago and a man who becomes a victim of the forbidden book. The drama will be penned by “100 Days My Prince” writer No Ji Sul and helmed by director Nam Ki Hoon of “Oh My Baby” and “Voice 3.”

In addition to director Nam Ki Hoon and writer Noh Ji Sul, cast members Jo Bo Ah, SF9’s Rowoon, Ha Jun, Girl’s Day’s Yura, Song Young Kyu, Jung Hye Young, Lee Pil Mo, Lee Bong Ryun, Hyun Bong Sik, Mi Ram, Park Kyung Hye, Lee Tae Ri, and more were present at the script reading.

Jo Bo Ah charmed with her lively energy as she transformed into civil servant Lee Hong Jo, who resolves the civil complaints of Onju City Hall and who will also solve Jang Shin Yu’s curse. Despite having to deal with complaints that go beyond people’s imaginations, Lee Hong Jo always does her best. However, she is a person who is used to being alone, and she always remains resilient no matter the situation.

Rowoon skillfully portrayed ace lawyer Jang Shin Yu who is waiting for the owner of the old wooden box that will undo his curse. The actor paid great attention to detail to depict the change in Jang Shin Yu as he becomes entangled with Lee Hong Jo in an unimaginable way in an effort to undo the curse that has been passed down for generations in his family. Jo Bo Ah and Rowoon also showcased exceptional chemistry while portraying their characters who are destined to be together.

Ha Jun captivated as Kwon Jae Kyung, a popular man at Onju City Hall who Lee Hong Jo has a one-sided crush on. He hides his scars behind a sweet smile and rarely reveals his true feelings. Ha Jun portrayed the change Kwon Jae Kyung undergoes after seeing Lee Hong Jo and Jang Shin Yu grow closer together.

Yura impressed as Jang Shin Yu’s lover Yoon Na Yeon, who shows her true colors after seeing Lee Hong Jo, whom she used to bully in the past, receive special attention from Jang Shin Yu.

Furthermore, the supporting cast members also shined at the script reading. Song Young Kyu portrays Yoon Na Yeon’s father and Onju City Mayor Yoon Hak Young, Jung Hye Young stars as Jang Shin Yu’s eccentric and loving mother Cha Yoon Joo, and Lee Pil Mo takes on the role of Jang Shin Yu’s father Jang Se Heon who is worried that the family’s lineage will be cut off due to an unknown genetic disease.

Lee Bong Ryun plays Ma Eun Young, the section chief of the Environment and Greenery Division at Onju City Hall who is Lee Hong Jo’s reliable source of support, and Hyun Bong Sik portrays the division’s team leader Gong Seo Gu. Mi Ram and Park Kyung Hye play employees Yoo Soo Jung and Son Sae Byul, respectively, and Lee Tae Ri will transform into Jang Shin Yu’s close friend Kim Wook who graduated the same high school as him.

The production team shared, “The fate-like narrative and special relationship between Lee Hong Jo and Jang Shin Yu, who are intertwined through the sealed book, is interesting. [Viewers] won’t be able to help but fall for the sweet and refreshing uncontrollable romance in the process of solving the mysterious curse. Please also look forward to the chemistry between the characters, which is completed by unique acting experts.”

“Destined With You” will premiere on August 23 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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