ZEROBASEONE Talks About Their Much-Anticipated Debut, Setting Records, And Future Goals At Debut Showcase

ZEROBASEONE’s long-awaited debut is finally here!

On July 10, the group created from “Boys Planet” held a press showcase ahead of the release of their debut album “YOUTH IN THE SHADE.”

To begin, the nine members started by each sharing how they feel about debuting today.

Kim Gyu Vin: I’m so nervous that we are debuting. I’ve been dreaming about today. We have tried our best to prepare for today. We will show how much we have grown.

Kim Ji Woong: It’s an honor to introduce ourselves to the press. Every day that we were preparing for our debut was so special to us. We are a small, blooming flower right now, but we will try our best to bloom into a big flower.

Seok Matthew: I’m so nervous to perform our debut album and songs in front of the press. All our ZEROBASEONE members prepared hard for this, so I hope you can enjoy this stage with us.

Han Yu Jin: Standing in front of the press, I can really feel that we have debuted now. We will show our best selves to the press and to our lovely ZEROSE.

Zhang Hao: I’m so nervous to perform our debut song “In Bloom” in front of the press. It’s our first promotion period, and we will enjoy it and stay safe. Please watch us grow, and please show us lots of interest.

Sung Han Bin: Like the name of our title track, thank you for being here as our members “bloom” today. We have tried our best to prepare for today. I really look forward to future promotions with our members. We will show our best selves.

Kim Tae Rae: Thanks to all of the love and support, ZEROBASEONE was able to debut today. We will become an artist who can give back the love we have received.

Ricky: I’m so grateful that what we have tried hard for has come true. Thank you to everyone who waited for us, and thank you to the press. I will try my best to show new aspects of Ricky and of ZEROBASEONE.

Park Gun Wook: ZEROBASEONE is debuting with “In Bloom,” and we have worked really hard for today. Please cheer us on and look forward to what we have prepared.

The members then posed for photos and also performed their B-side track “New Kidz on the Block” and title track “In Bloom” for the press present for the event.

Following the performances, ZEROBASEONE sat down for a Q&A with the press.

Check out the full interview below!

How do you feel after giving your first performance?

Kim Ji Woong: I was really excited, and since we are debuting today, we feel a greater sense of responsibility, so we hope to show that going forward to return the love and show our best performance.

How have you been for the past three months since the conclusion of “Boys Planet”?

Kim Tae Rae: We talked a lot with each other after becoming a group, and I’m so glad to be with such great members. We were able to debut today thanks to them. We have tried our best since we knew that fans are cheering us on, so we wanted to show the best possible performances and music.

Han Yu Jin: We filmed the reality program “CAMP ZEROBASEONE,” and we were able to build teamwork through that program. In May, we were able to meet ZEROSE at KCON Japan. While building these experiences, we felt the desire to debut even more and show our own music and performances.

What story does your album “YOUTH IN THE SHADE” have?

Sung Han Bin: Our debut album “YOUTH IN THE SHADE” talks about the youth and the shade that coexist just like the album title. I believe that shade must be there for youth to shine. We put our own sincere feelings and stories into this album.

Can you explain the title track “In Bloom”?

Kim Ji Woong: Like there is no flower that blooms without wind shaking on them, although we are not perfect and are still awkward, we will try our best to run to “you.” The title song shows the identity of our album, so I hope many people will listen to our song and look forward to it. Thank you.

Park Gun Wook: Our title track “In Bloom” is a drum and bass genre song, and the main riff is a homage to a-ha’s “Take On Me” by a-ha. It’s the kind of song that brings good vibes with a familiar melody. The hook has a fast tempo that creates a refreshing mood, and we added our energetic performance on top of that, so the song is all about refreshing and energetic vibes.

Is there a part of the choreography that you are preparing to use for the song’s challenge on social media?

Kim Tae Rae: It’s the part where we shake your arms like we’re planting seeds, and then spread our palms like a flower. We shake our arms, make the flower, and offer that flower to those watching our performance.

What is your goal following your debut today?

Kim Gyu Vin: We just performed our song “New Kidz on the Block,” and there is a line in the song that goes “We’re going straight to the top,” which is exactly what we promised ourselves while recording that song, and we tried to capture that resolve. Our goal right now is first place on a music show. If we do, we want to show ZEROSE a memorable special encore stage.

Ricky: I hope ZEROBASEONE becomes the most notable rookie this year, and I hope we can win a rookie award. We only have one chance to win a rookie award. I hope ZEROBASEONE and ZEROSE can share that honor.

How would you like ZEROBASEONE to be described?

Seok Matthew: I think we’ve shown continuous progress so far, and I believe that’s what ZEROSE loves. So I want ZEROBASEONE to grow as a group and to exceed all expectations of the world.

Zhang Hao: We will work hard to find a style that’s unique to ZEROBASEONE and to define our brand and genre as a group. Also, we want to set new records and write a new chapter in K-pop.

How do you feel about ZEROBASEONE’s popularity overseas?

Zhang Hao: It was all thanks to the Star Creators that we got to debut and to set such an amazing record even before our debut. Now, we want to do well so we can return the love of ZEROSE. We will always work to do our best.

What are your thoughts on claiming the title of a fifth generation K-pop group?

Sung Han Bin: When we are told that we are opening the doors for fifth generation K-pop, it’s surprising for us too. I’m grateful for the road paved by many senior K-pop artists. We will add our own strength on top of that and our own color and personality.

How do you feel about the records you have set before your debut, and are there any other records you want to achieve?

Sung Han Bin: We set new records for social media followers and album sales, which are all unbelievable for us. We are very excited about it, and we will work hard with gratitude.

Kim Gyu Vin: Personally, I hope for our songs including the B-side tracks to enter the charts in the shortest amount of time. I think I would feel very proud.

Since your debut album is about youth, what part did you relate to? Which part resembles the youth of ZEROBASEONE?

Park Gun Wook: We would like to talk about youth through our songs. Many people think of beautiful moments when thinking of youth, but we have a different take on this. Like we said in the title track, we wanted to see a different side of youth. We have been training for a long time. We all had beautiful moments so far, but there were hardships as well. I felt quite lost when I first started training, but we didn’t stop persevering and thinking of our future. All of these moments have become part of my identity and values. I think it’s a necessary part of growing up and to become better artists. So we wanted to share both sides of youth.

What is the biggest change you feel with debuting?

Kim Tae Rae: The biggest change is that there are many things we get to experience on stage. We first met our fans as ZEROBASEONE during KCON Japan. I still remember the thrill of that moment.

Since you have members from Korea, China, and Canada, how did you improve your teamwork?

Sung Han Bin: Since we have members from different countries, I think it was a priority to communicate thoroughly and slowly. As the leader, when carrying out activities, I first checked if all team members understood and used easier words. Next, since the members were all patient, I was able to tell them what they needed to know. This is how we built our teamwork. I think the most important thing is that we are all on the same page. I guess that’s the secret of our teamwork.

How do you feel about making your debut on the same day as the comeback of the third generation boy group EXO?

Kim Gyu Vin: I’m honored that our debut is on the same day as the comeback of EXO, who I have really looked up to since I was a trainee. It will be great to perform on the same music shows during our promotions. We’ll do our best to leave an impression on them as good rookies. Like Han Bin said, since we’re on the same page, we are all channeled very well in terms of our emotions, so we will make sure that we impress them.

What would you like to tell EXO if you meet them?

Kim Gyu Vin: I would like to ask them for their autographs!

What is ZEROBASEONE’s goal for this year?

Sung Han Bin: Although the results are important, I wish that ZEROSE and other people feel happy vibes when they listen to our songs. Also for now, I wish for us to complete our promotions in good health. Thank you!

He continued by saying to the press, “It’s most important to stay healthy. Be careful of the heat and stay healthy. Thank you!”

To conclude, Sung Han Bin commented, “Thank you for showing interest in our first mini album “YOUTH IN THE SHADE.” This is a moment that all nine of us have dreamed of. We will do our best to make our dream shine in reality and keep the sincerity we have now at all times, so please continue to send us your support. We will work hard to meet the expectations of the reports who attended today, ZEROSE, and everyone else who will see us perform, so I hope you will continue to support us.”

ZEROBASEONE’s debut album “YOUTH IN THE SHADE” will be released on July 10 at 6 p.m. KST.

Watch the group’s creation on “Boys Planet” below:

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