5 Older Must-Watch K-Dramas To Revisit This Summer

Summer is the best season to catch up on all the things you love, especially if K-dramas are at the top of the list. Take advantage of the long hot days by cooling down inside with a lovable series from the past. Romance, comedy, and music await with these older, classic K-dramas you have to revisit this summer.


A rich illegitimate son named Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and a housekeeper’s daughter named Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) turn an elite school upside down with their forbidden relationship. Kim Tan, who is put in a power struggle with his older brother at the Empire Group, is supposed to marry hotel heiress Rachel Ryu (Kim Ji Won), while luxury resort conglomerate heir and school bully Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) completes the love rectangle with his crush on Cha Eun Sang. Jealously ensues as everyone expresses their true feelings to one another. Only the strongest relationship prevails! Meanwhile, Cha Eung Sung’s best friend Yoon Chan Young (CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk), who is the Empire Group secretary’s son, is dating an entertainment executive’s daughter named Lee Bo Na (f(x)’s Krystal).

“Heirs” is a fun escape into an elite world. You don’t want to miss the love confessions and friendships happening in this K-drama world. Kim Tan, who is overflowing with love for Cha Eun Sang, takes every opportunity at school or home to confess, while Choi Young Do slowly warms up to her during their encounters at school and in the neighborhood. Cha Eun Sang also has a solid longtime friendship with her best friend Yoon Chan Young that extends to his girlfriend Lee Bo Na. Their friendship surpasses the bonds made among the rich kids. Everyone’s acting is superb as well. Whether they were veterans like Park Shin Hye or rookies such as Kang Min Hyuk at the time, each actor gave this K-drama their all!

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Dream High

Wealthy teen Go Hye Mi (Suzy) gives up on her classical music dreams when her father goes bankrupt. In order to pay back his debt, she enters a performing arts school to make an eventual mainstream music debut. The school is full of young entertainment hopefuls learning to dance and sing. While Go Hye Mi attends the school, she meets new friends like shy songstress Kim Pil Sook (IU) and gets caught in a love triangle between a politician’s son Hyun Shi Hyuk (2PM’s Taecyeon) and a country boy named Song Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun).

You can’t miss “Dream High” simply because it launched the acting careers of some of today’s A-list stars! Suzy, 2PM’s Taecyeon, IU, and Kim Soo Hyun were all quite early in their acting careers at the time. Their early acting days show how much progress they’ve made in the acting world. The group is amazing! Also, the stellar music and dancing give everyone additional reasons to binge-watch the series.

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The Time We Were Not in Love

For 17 years, marketer Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won) and flight attendant Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) have considered each other as best friends. They are always there for one another’s milestones. However, they missed the golden opportunity to officially date. When potential love interests show up in both of their lives, Oh Ha Na and Choi Won realize that their feelings for their best friend are more than platonic.

“The Time We Were Not in Love” is a must-watch because it’s very relatable. Oh Ha Na and Choi Won are just ordinary classmates who grew up unaware of their childhood crushes. This series allows the audience to enjoy the fantasy of finally dating your secret crush from high school. Actors Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook make that pretend reality fun through their realistic acting, and their amazing friendship that slowly transforms into romance is one you can’t miss!

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Birth of the Beauty

Sara (Han Ye Seul) feels like a new woman after a plastic surgery transformation with the help of rich heir Han Tae Hee (Joo Sang Wook). The two have both been cheated on by their respective significant others, and they work together to get revenge on them. Along the way, Sara and Han Tae Hee get comfortable with each other and start forming an authentic relationship.

Han Ye Seul’s portrayal of Sara is refreshing and frightening all at the same time because her acting is so believable. She seems carefree and full of joy with her new appearance. However, her ability to easily turn on her anger toward her ex and his new lover is incredible. Han Ye Seul brings Sara to life! “Birth of the Beauty” is worth tuning into for Han Ye Seul’s acting alone. Of course, Joo Sang Wook’s acting doesn’t disappoint with his character Han Tae Hee’s suave and adorably clueless attitude toward his relationship with Sara. He is aware of the hold she has over his heart. Don’t miss these expert actors in action!

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Prime Minister and I

Love blossoms unexpectedly between the youngest prime minister in Korea’s history and his relentless paparazzo. Following the tragic passing of his wife, Kwon Yul (Lee Beom Soo) is trying his best to live a righteous life as a politician and be the best father for his three children. Da Jeong (Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA) is set on finding gossip about Kwon Yul to pay for her ailing father’s nursing home stay. In order to keep the peace, the pair enters a contract marriage, and they start developing real feelings for each other and their families.

Lee Beom Soo and YoonA have a 21-year age gap in real life, but you can’t even feel it when they are being professional on screen. Their characters’ pure love story allows viewers to believe in love again. Their interaction with Kwon Yul’s children and eventual love for each other will warm your heart. “Prime Minister and I” tugs at the heartstrings, and when you watch this series, you’ll be rooting for Kwon Yul and Da Jeong every step of the way!

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Hey Soompiers, which classic K-drama is on your summer must-watch list? Is there a certain actor that you can’t miss on-screen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

KMoody is a Soompi writer who is a longtime Korean drama fan. Her favorite dramas include “Boys Over Flowers,” “Dream High,” and “Love Alarm”! For more information about her personal and professional writing journey, follow her on Instagram at BTSCelebs.

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