Woo Do Hwan, Lee Yoo Mi, Oh Jung Se, And Kim Hae Sook Confirmed For New Drama By

Woo Do Hwan, Lee Yoo Mi, Oh Jung Se, and Kim Hae Sook will star in the new drama “Mr. Plankton”!

Written by Jo Yong of “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” and directed by Hong Jong Chan who helmed “Juvenile Justice” and “Dear My Friends,” Netflix’s new series “Mr. Plankton” is a romantic comedy that depicts the story of people who can’t blend in or connect with anyone, just like plankton. The drama will follow the journey of a man named Hae Jo, who was born by mistake, as he is accompanied by a woman named Jae Mi, who is the unhappiest woman in the world.

Woo Do Hwan will take on the role of Hae Jo, a man who has no other choice but to be a drifter because no one has ever told him to stay. Growing up without knowing who his father is, Hae Jo feels like he doesn’t belong anywhere. One day, he comes across life-changing news, which makes him decide to go on a journey to find out about his roots.

Lee Yoo Mi will play the role of Jo Jae Mi, the world’s most unlucky bride-to-be. Jae Mi, who has always been wanting a family, is about to get married to Eoh Heung, the only son of a prestigious family in their fifth generation. Right before the wedding, Jae Mi unexpectedly gets entangled with Hae Jo and accompanies him on a strange journey.

Oh Jung Se will portray Eoh Heung, the only son in a family with a deep history. In order to overcome the opposition of the elders in the family, Eoh Heung even leverages using pregnancy before marriage and successfully makes his wedding happen. However, on the day of his wedding, his bride Jae Mi disappears with Hae Jo in front of his eyes, and Eoh Heung chases after the two.

Lastly, Kim Hae Sook will portray Beom Ho Ja, Eoh Heung’s mother and the daughter-in-law of the head family. After becoming the daughter-in-law at the age of 17 and enduring all sorts of bullying, Beom Ho Ja becomes the charismatic head of the Eoh family’s food business.

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