Jeon Hye Jin, Sooyoung, Ahn Jae Wook, And Park Sung Hoon Share Insight Into Their Characters In

The cast of ENA’s upcoming drama “Not Others” has talked about their characters ahead of the upcoming premiere!

Based on a popular webtoon, “Not Others” is a comedy drama that tells the delightful cohabitation story of a clumsy mother and her coolheaded daughter. Jeon Hye Jin will star as Eun Mi, a bubbly physical therapist and single mother with a 29-year-old daughter. Sooyoung will play Eun Mi’s daughter Jin Hee, a police station patrol team leader who urgently needs to crack down on her mother rather than on her cases.

On her character Eun Mi, Jeon Hye Jin shared, “Eun Mi is unchanging, and she’s a person who is the same inside and out. She’s a refreshing character with bubbly charm as well as purity and cheerfulness that are difficult for the average person to maintain.”

Sooyoung remarked, “Jin Hee, who Eun Mi had in high school, is a cool and awesome character.” On how similar she is to Jin Hee, Sooyoung remarked, “I think it is at least 90 percent. The remaining 10 percent that is different is that I am much kinder to my family than Jin Hee.”

Ahn Jae Wook, who takes on the role of otolaryngologist Park Jin Hong, shared, “Jin Hong is an upright and affectionate person. He has his own routine when it comes to carrying out his daily routine, and I think that aspect is similar to myself when I’m working on a project.”

Park Sung Hoon, who plays police director Eun Jae Won, remarked, “Although he seems cold and uncaring on the outside, he is more considerate and warmhearted than anyone. He is a character in which the way each word he seemingly tosses out without a care is charming.” He added, “The way he likes sundaeguk (Korean blood sausage soup) and soju is also very similar to me.”

Sooyoung explained, “Before meeting through this project, I was a huge fan of Jeon Hye Jin. To meet a senior actor I respect and like as [my on-screen] mom and to be able to act together felt like a big fortune to me.” Jeon Hye Jin shared, “Sooyoung and I work really well together, so I could be comfortable when acting with her. She is an actress who is always overflowing with energy and gives you good vibes.” Together, they added that they didn’t know time was passing on set when talking and laughing together, raising further anticipation for their chemistry.

“Not Others” is set to premiere on July 17 as the follow-up to “Lies Hidden in My Garden.”

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