ONF’s MK Suffers Ankle Injury + WM Addresses His Participation In Today’s Concert

ONF’s MK will be limiting his movement during RBW’s family concert today after injuring his ankle.

On July 16, WM Entertainment revealed that MK had suffered a minor ankle injury during practice and was in the process of recovering.

The agency also announced that while MK would still be participating in RBW’s first family concert “Over the Rainbow” later that day as scheduled, he would be minimizing his movements in order to avoid strain.

Read the full announcement below:

This is WM Entertainment.

ONF member MK suffered a minor ankle injury during practice.

Although [the injury] poses no problems in his everyday life, he was advised [by a doctor] to avoid any movements that could cause strain, so he is currently focusing on his recovery.

Accordingly, after discussing the matter with MK, it has been decided that he will participate in today’s RBW family concert while minimizing his movement.

We would like to apologize for giving fans cause for concern, and we will do our utmost to help MK recover his health.

Thank you.

Wishing MK a speedy recovery!

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