Kim Woo Bin And Kim Sung Kyun Confirmed To Star In New Action Comedy Drama

Kim Woo Bin and Kim Sung Kyun will be starring in Netflix’s riveting action comedy film “Officer Black Belt”!

On July 26, a representative of Netflix shared, “The production of the action comedy film ‘Officer Black Belt’ starring Kim Woo Bin and Kim Sung Kyun has been confirmed.”

“Officer Black Belt” is an action comedy film about Lee Jung Do (Kim Woo Bin), who has a total of nine dans (meaning ranks) in taekwondo, kendo, and judo, working as a martial arts officer together with probation officer Kim Seon Min (Kim Sung Kyun), who recognizes Jung Do’s great intuition for detecting crimes and martial arts skills.

Martial arts officers refer to those who monitor people subject to probation with electronic anklets due to high risk of recidivism and protect the citizen’s safety by preventing crimes. Martial arts officers work with probation officers as a pair, and it is also the duty of a martial arts officer to prevent danger that comes in the way of the probation officer and subdue criminals.

Kim Woo Bin will take on the role of Lee Jung Do, a young man who makes deliveries at his father’s restaurant and who has a good heart that can’t ignore any in need. While Jung Do is an ordinary and easygoing young man who likes to play games and drink with his friends, he is also a martial arts prodigy who has a third-degree black belt in taekwondo, kendo, and judo, adding up to a total of nine dans. His story begins when Jung Do accidentally saves a martial arts officer from being attacked by a criminal wearing an electronic anklet and starts working as a substitute for them for five weeks.

Kim Sung Kyun will play Kim Seon Min, a probation officer who manages violent criminals wearing electronic anklets because he wants to do something good for society. Seon Min recognizes Jung Do’s exceptional talent and good hunch and encourages him to become a martial arts officer.

“Officer Black Belt” will be helmed by director Kim Joo Hwan of “Midnight Runners” and “Bloodhounds.” Stay tuned for more updates!

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