4 Times Kim So Hyun And Hwang Minhyun Came Through For Each Other In Episodes 5-6 Of

My Lovely Liar” is such a delightful drama. It’s adorable, healing, and relatively low on angst, though there’s no doubt that a decent amount is approaching. Mok Sol Hee (Kim So Hyun) and Kim Do Ha (Hwang Minhyun) continue to be drawn into each other’s orbit and willing to admit that their relationship is changing. Here’s every moment we loved where they came through for each other!

Warning: spoilers for episodes 5-6 below.

1. When Sol Hee took care of Do Ha after Sha On’s awful stunt

If this show has one flaw, it’s that Sha On (Lee Si Woo) looks like she’s going to be a “classic” second female lead, which means that she’s doing her best to force Do Ha into dating despite it being clear that he has no interest and probably never will after she purposefully triggered his trauma just so she could get to see him. Sha On’s behavior is an even bigger trigger because what she did is exactly what his ex, Eom Ji Yoon (Hwang Cho Rok), did. While Sol Hee drives him home, Do Ha keeps flashing back to his high school and university days when he dated Ji Yoon. The relationship started off cutely enough in high school, but Ji Yoon grew clingy and psychotic. Do Ha attended a university in Seoul and would make the drive all the way to Hakcheon to see her. He wouldn’t be able to stay for long because he had class, but she went full-on crazy on him, even throwing his car key in the sea.


Meanwhile, Sol Hee hears him lie when he mumbles that he didn’t kill her, but isn’t fazed by it because she thinks he’s referring to Sha On. Oh boy. He’s also running a fever, so she takes him home and even sponges his forehead throughout the night when he passes out.


But Do Ha isn’t just paranoid about people. He fears opening up to women after what his ex did. So, he’s not pleased to find Sol Hee in his room, even when she explains that she was helping him. He asks her to leave and to ignore him henceforth. In reality, Do Ha’s running scared. No one, aside from Sha On, Jo Deuk Chan (Yun Ji On), the jazz bar owner, Jang Joong Kyu (Seo Hyun Chul), and Jo Jae Chan (Nam Hyeon Woo) have ever known his identity, and he fears that Sol Hee wants something from him, or worse, could dig into his past. So, Do Ha does what he’s been doing for years. He hides.

2. When Sol Hee encouraged Do Ha to try to live without hiding himself

Sol Hee tries to tell herself that it’s for the best when Do Ha suddenly vanishes after that night. But she’s worried and disappointed. Part of her genuinely thought they were friends, and she hated the way he just dismissed her from his life, even if he wasn’t rude or awful about it. It doesn’t get much better when Do Ha’s entertainment agency, J Ent, is suddenly embroiled in scandal. A masked man makes a video outing that J Ent’s second best songwriter, Park Moo Jin (Song Jin Woo), is an abusive plagiarizer who uses ghostwriters, doesn’t compensate them, and steals their work for his own. The worst part is that he pretends that he’s Do Ha and that Do Ha also uses ghostwriters.

Sol Hee knows that this isn’t the real Do Ha, but the public doesn’t. J Ent’s stocks freefall, and Deuk Chan seeks Sol Hee out, asking her to let him know if she sees Do Ha. The best course of action would be for the real Kim Do Ha to please stand up now, but he doesn’t even know what’s going on. Do Ha’s gone off the grid and is working as a waiter at Joong Kyu’s jazz bar. He normally plays the piano there, but he’s even quit that the past few weeks. Sol Hee hunts him down, and Joong Kyu is only happy to help her so that someone drags Do Ha out from self-sequestration.

Upon hearing everything, Do Ha tries to hide once more, saying that Deuk Chan will take care of it, but Sol Hee calls him out on being super uncool for leaving everything to constantly work around him. She points out that he seems to have given up on living period. No music, no going outside as himself – he’s a ghost. She asks him to find the courage to take a step forward to live life on his own terms instead of hiding behind others and storms out. The bluntness seems to shake Do Ha out of his stupor. The next thing we know, he’s found the mysterious masked man, who is using the model number of his keyboard no less! The man apologizes, and Do Ha finds that he was using Do Ha’s name to bring attention to the corruption within J Ent and the music industry. And Do Ha walks into J Ent and helps him do just that!

He reveals his masked face for the first time to everyone there and is about to take off (!!) the mask, when Deuk Chan stops him. Moo Jin’s corruption is outed, and the other man makes a video revealing his identity and that he wasn’t Do Ha. Still, Do Ha is incredibly disappointed to realize that Deuk Chan knew Moo Jin was abusing his power and stealing songs from other songwriters and ghostwriters and never stopped him. But Do Ha has better things to do than get angry. He’s just taken an important step toward no longer living in fear, and he wants to thank Sol Hee for that. That, and he’s pretty smitten.

3. When Do Ha took care of Sol Hee after their night out

Do Ha insists on treating Sol Hee to a fancy dinner and even takes his mask off without her asking him to while playing her a song.


But he spends the whole dinner in a state of near-paralysis and paranoia, constantly worried about whether people are watching him or talking about him. Sol Hee chalks it up to him being afraid of being recognized as a celebrity and cheerfully drags him to a bar instead. They have a blast. Too much of a blast because Sol Hee wakes up the next day with a lot of recollections, including: falling asleep in a plate of ddeokbokki, Do Ha carrying her back home and having to switch his shirt because she got sauce over it, and she assumed he was taking off his shirt for different reasons and slapped him.


Sol Hee is mortified and believes that Do Ha won’t want anything to do with her after this, but he shows up to ask her to catch a soccer game with him after work! And when she asks if it’s a date, he doesn’t deny it! These two are adorable, and Hwang Min Hyun is doing a great job at portraying this quiet, nervous, but caring man.


4. When Do Ha interrupted Hyang Sook’s diatribe


At this point, things are going really well. Perhaps too well. Do Ha and Sol Hee’s date goes without a hitch. He’s openly smitten and has begun bringing her lunch from a nearby bakery. But trouble’s waiting around the corner. Sol Hee’s ex, Lee Gang Min (Seo Ji Hoon), continues to obsess over their breakup and frequent her workplace, despite her making her discomfort very clear. Sol Hee’s mother, Cha Hyang Sook (Jin Kyung), attempts to get hitched to a rich man by pretending to be a childless widow, of all things. And Choi Eom Ho (Kwon Dong Ho) spots a masked Do Ha’s picture in the papers and suspects that Do Ha isn’t in Germany the way Deuk Chan has been insisting. It’s honestly a lot of enemies.

So, when Sol Hee finds that her newest client is the daughter of the man her mother has been attempting to defraud, she’s caught between a rock and a hard place. Hwang Sook brazenly pretends that she doesn’t know Sol Hee, but, in private, demands that Sol Hee lie to her client. She acts like she deserves to be rich after “going to prison” for Sol Hee. It’s sad because the truth is that Sol Hee was a literal child when she accidentally gave a woman Hyang Sook’s customers’ money. Plus, Hyang Sook was on the verge of bankruptcy at the time (and possibly conning people back then too). Sol Hee sticks to her morals and reveals that Hwang Sook is a gold-digger, and her mom goes nuts. She barges into Sol Hee’s shop and destroys it, cursing and yelling at Sol Hee.


Do Ha happens to stop by to see his girl and grows worried at all the screaming and all the damage. He comes in to help her, but Hyang Sook sees him as a way to hurt Sol Hee and reveals that Sol Hee has an ability she’s hiding from him, and she storms off. Sol Hee’s just hurt afterwards and rejects Do Ha’s attempts to comfort her. She bitterly tells him that they wouldn’t have worked out anyway because of her stupid ability, and when he asks her what it is, she reveals that she can hear lies!

We’re finally down to one big secret left! The Hakcheon murder promises to be the biggest bomb yet, and I suspect that it’ll be where we leave off next week. But everything is shaping up really well. There seems to be more to the case than Do Ha knows. Deuk Chan also seems to be hiding the fact that Eom Ho is on the hunt for Do Ha from him. But is it out of concern or something darker? Either way, these two are too cute, so here’s hoping that Sol Hee sticks by Do Ha’s side once that last secret comes out!

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