EXO's Suho Is A Mystery Man Who Steals Han Ji Min's Heart In New Drama

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Behind Your Touch” has shared a sneak peek of EXO’s Suho in character!

“Behind Your Touch” is a new comedy-mystery drama set in Mujin, a small rural village free of crime. Han Ji Min will star as Bong Ye Boon, a busybody veterinarian who somehow winds up with the supernatural ability to see the pasts of other people and animals, while Lee Min Ki will play Moon Jang Yeol, an ambitious detective who needs her abilities to return to the criminal investigation team in Seoul.

In what marks his first drama role in five years, Suho will be playing Kim Sun Woo, a friendly outsider with the face and personality of an angel. After suddenly arriving in the village of Mujin one day for mysterious reasons, Kim Sun Woo steals Bong Ye Boon’s heart with his lovable smile and warm disposition.

Newly released stills from the upcoming drama make it easy to see why Bong Ye Boon can’t help but fall for Kim Sun Woo. Whether smiling brightly at Bong Ye Boon outside the convenience store where he works part time or tenderly bestowing affection on a cat, Kim Sun Woo is the definition of lovable.

However, another photo captures Kim Sun Woo gazing wistfully off into the distance, his signature smile nowhere to be found. It remains to be seen what secrets this mysterious outsider might be hiding—and what brings him to the tiny village of Mujin.

Explaining why he was drawn to “Behind Your Touch,” Suho shared, “I’ve always really liked director Kim Seok Yoon’s work, so I wanted to work together with him. The script was really fun to read, and I found the character of Sun Woo extremely appealing, so I thought to myself that I really wanted to try playing him no matter what.”

“The other actors appearing in the drama were also actors that I’ve always liked, so I wanted to work together with them as well,” he continued. “I think this drama will be an especially meaningful one for me, because I was able to work together with such wonderful people and create a great drama.”

Suho went on to describe “Behind Your Touch” as “a drama that does a great job mixing multiple genres, including thriller, comedy, and romance.” He added, “I hope that you’ll personally tune in to watch the fast-paced plot and enjoy this entertaining story.”

As for his character in the drama, Suho noted, “Sun Woo, who boasts handsome looks and a caring personality, is a character who is veiled in mystery. He’s a part-timer at a convenience store who exudes a mysterious aura, so I really pondered a lot and tried my best to imbue each and every line of dialogue with meaning while acting.”

“Behind Your Touch” will premiere on August 12, taking over the time slot currently occupied by JTBC’s “King the Land.” Check out a teaser for the drama here!

In the meantime, watch Suho in his variety show “Besties in Wonderland” with subtitles below!

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