5 Times Na In Woo And Kwon Yool Dug Out The Truth In Episodes 9-10 Of

Longing for You” will be running a little shorter than the average drama, sitting at 14 episodes instead of the regular 16, but it’s been packing a punch. This week, everything is blown into the open as Oh Jin Sung (Na In Woo), Go Young Joo (Kim Ji Eun), and Cha Young Woon (Kwon Yool) wrap up one case, and Jin Sung dives straight into another. Nothing escapes his notice, and it isn’t long before he digs up the truth of how his brother really died. And it is ugly.

Warning: spoilers for episodes 9-10 below.

1. When Jin Sung sees through Dr. Chu’s lies

With Bae Min Kyu (Jung Sang Hoon) in custody, Jin Sung and Young Woon’s efforts are centered on finding his accomplice and the mastermind behind this: Park Ki Young (Lee Kyu Han). But Ki Young vanishes and returns a day later, dead. His body’s been so badly burned that it takes dental records to identify him. Young Woon is in shock that his friend and competitor-turned-madman is dead. Plus, Ki Young apparently crashed his car at high speed to end his life. Young Woon doesn’t buy that Ki Young would have taken his life. But there’s a video on Young Woon’s cellphone, strangely untouched by the fiery crash that killed him, where Ki Young says his goodbyes, ruefully noting that he wanted to be a worthy adversary, but it looks like he’s out of time.

Ki Young’s phone also has the video of Min Kyu killing his wife, which results in Min Kyu spilling everything. He killed his wife—Ki Young egged him on to do it and created the pretext of a serial murderer to throw suspicion off Min Kyu (because the husband is always the first suspect). Only, Ki Young videoed Min Kyu committing the murder and began to use it to blackmail him. We don’t know why, but this means that Oh Jin Woo’s (Ren’s) murder has nothing to do with the serial murders, so the team is back at square one, until a clue rises up where they least expect it: at home.

Jin Sung arrives home to find his mother Hong Young Hee (Jang Hye Jin) celebrating Jin Woo’s real birthday. It turns out that Jin Woo was adopted, and he knew it. His mother Ma Ri (An Si Ha) was a friend of Young Hee and left Jin Woo with her for years before returning to foster a relationship with him. But Jin Woo chose to stay with Jin Sung and Young Hee. Jin Sung is heartbroken to realize how little he knew about his brother and vows to give him justice. So he goes on red alert when he hears about the very detailed notes that Dr. Chu Young Choon (Kim Hyung Muk) has been keeping on Jin Woo. Young Hee buys Dr. Chu’s excuses that he “loved Jin Woo like a son.” But Jin Sung storms into his office and interrogates him. Less than a minute on the receiving end of Jin Sung’s glare, and Dr. Chu spills everything. He’s been spying on Jin Woo for years, nearly a decade. And the person who ordered him to do so? Jin Jin’s head of security and righthand man Jung Woo No (Kim Chul Ki).

2. When Jin Sung doesn’t buy Jung Woo No’s excuses

Jin Sung isn’t one to wait and storms right into Jin Jin to meet with Woo No. But Jin Sung’s clever with his questions and Woo No’s equally clever with his answers. Woo No lies that he wasn’t near Jin Sung’s hometown that day and only maintained a collegial relationship with Dr. Chu. But it only takes one look at Woo No’s very fancy cufflinks for Jin Sung to know that he’s lying. The trouble is finding proof.

He confides his suspicions in Young Joo, who goes into shock for three reasons. Firstly, if Woo No had any hand in Jin Woo’s death, then that means that Jin Jin and Young Woon’s family could have something to do with this. Second, Young Woon has just proposed to Young Joo to join that family, and she’s all but agreed.

Third, Young Woon just admitted to Young Joo that he had a weak heart since childhood and had to have a heart transplant just prior to leaving for the States. That means Jin Woo’s death and Young Woon’s heart transplant surgery were on the same day. And that leaves only one conclusion. But Jin Sung needs solid proof to raise his suspicions with Young Woon.

3. When Jin Sung meets with Ma Ri

Coincidentally enough, Ma Ri is back in Korea. We know from last week that Ki Young met with her and showed her the video of her son being murdered. But there’s more to the past than that. If Jin Sung’s theory that Jin Woo was murdered in order to give Young Woon his heart is true, then the biggest question is: why Jin Woo? Why not any other donor? Jin Woo unwittingly provides the answer. He held onto a picture of a statue his mother made, which he was told was placed in his father’s house. Apparently he sought out his birth father as a child. We don’t know how that went, but we do know that the house was Young Woon’s. Uh oh.

It turns out that Young Woon’s father had an affair with Ma Ri, making Jin Woo Young Woon’s half-brother. That’s why they needed his heart. There was a lower chance of transplant rejection given their biological relation. Jin Sung meets with Ma Ri, right after Woo No does. Ma Ri is frightened, having been threatened by Jin Jin, but her silences reveal enough of the truth to Jin Sung. There’s only one thing left to do at this point.

4. When Jin Sung reveals the truth to Young Woon

Ma Ri’s reaction confirms to Jin Sung that Woo No wasn’t just carrying out some misguided mission on his own. Young Woon’s family is deeply involved in Jin Woo’s murder, front and center. Jin Sung goes to Young Woon and breaks the news, presenting fact after fact and all the evidence he has to corroborate the connection between Dr. Chu, Woo No, and Jin Jin. It turns out that Jin Jin has a habit of collecting people in distress. They made Dr. Chu’s medical malpractice suit go away. In return, he owes them forever and has to do whatever they want. Woo No was a murder machine in the special forces until he screwed up a mission. Jin Jin made it go away. In return, he does everything they want. It makes you wonder what they wanted from Ki Young in return for taking him in.

Young Woon can’t wrap his head around it all. The poor guy has had a really tough week, realizing that his friend was a killer, finding said friend dead, to now finding out that his entire family has a thing for murder. But it only takes him one meeting with Ma Ri to confirm that he and Jin Woo are half-brothers. What’s worse, his father confirms it. Young Woon nearly goes into shock.

5. When Young Woon gets the truth from his surgeon

Young Woon goes insane and pulls up everything he can. Jin Sung assists him and requests the transplant records to discover where his brother’s organs went. But when they contact the person who supposedly received his brother’s heart, they find that they never received a transplant. That’s a really sloppy error on Jin Jin’s part, but it seems like they genuinely didn’t expect anyone to dig further. And why would they? People dying in a hospital is nothing new.

Young Woon looks into the records of his heart surgery and is horrified to find that there are none. It’s like it never happened. His surgeon evasively insists that he doesn’t know who the donor for Young Woon’s new heart was but falters when Young Woon points out that there were no other available donors that day in the hospital and no records of a heart being brought in from another hospital. The heart he received came from within the hospital, and there’s only one person it could have come from: Jin Woo. And Young Woon realizes that his perfect, wealthy life has been built on blood.

What a great ending to this week’s episodes! I’m so glad that Young Woon is bucking the trope of the wealthy, spoiled, pampered son. He’s actively digging into the blood on his parents’ hand and hasn’t been shying away (thus far) from how he has been unwittingly involved in it. He’s rising to the occasion magnificently, and hopefully he gets his happy ending with Young Joo at the end. Na In Woo continues to impress as Jin Woo and how clearly he’s prepared to walk through fire to get to the truth. Next week appears to show him getting arrested though, so here’s hoping that Young Woon and Young Joo stay behind him all the way!

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