Lee Sang Yeob Is Displeased By Kim So Hye Growing Closer To WINNER's Kim Jin Woo In

KBS2’s “My Lovely Boxer” has unveiled new stills ahead of its premiere!

“My Lovely Boxer” is a sports drama based on the novel “My Lovely Boxer Lee Kwon Sook” written by Choo Jong Nam, the winner of the second Kyobo Bookstore Story Contest. It is a story about genius boxer Lee Kwon Sook (Kim So Hye) and a cold-blooded agent Kim Tae Young (Lee Sang Yeob) who doesn’t feel guilty of match-fixing for money and the success of his athletes. WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo stars as Lee Kwon Sook’s first love and preschool vice principal Han Jae Min.

The newly released stills capture the first meeting between Kim Tae Young, Lee Kwon Sook, and Han Jae Min, raising curiosity for their relationship.

Lee Kwon Sook is spending quality time with Han Jae Min when she is surprised by Kim Tae Young’s unexpected appearance, causing her to stare blankly at him. Meanwhile, Kim Tae Young looks sternly at Lee Kwon Sook, who should be training at the gym, and he sends a sharp and wary gaze at Han Jae Min, creating tension.

Furthermore, Jae Min looks dumbfounded by the warning sent by Kim Tae Young, who appears to be displeased by Jae Min bothering Lee Kwon Sook during her training time. Meanwhile, Lee Kwon Sook glares at Kim Tae Young as he bothers her time with her first love Jae Min, creating strange tension between the three.

The change in the relationship between Jae Min and Kwon Sook raises viewers’ anticipation, especially as a still depicts the two exchanging close eye contact during a date at the gym. However, Tae Young looks on at the two with concern and anxiousness as Kwon Sook and Jae Min become closer, drawing curiosity for their interesting relationship.

The production team shared, “Within an intertwined relationship, Tae Young and Jae Min will face tense opposition over Kwon Sook from the beginning of the story, which will make the drama even more interesting to watch. Please highly anticipate what story will unfold by the characters, whose individualities are highlighted by the actors with solid acting skills.”

“My Lovely Boxer” will premiere on August 21 at 9:45 p.m. KST as the follow-up to “Heartbeat.”

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