4 Reasons To Check Out Slow-Burn Romance C-Drama

10 years after a harsh breakup, Song Yan (Yang Yang) has become a firefighter and Xu Qin (Wang Chu Ran) has become a surgeon. Reunited by their jobs, they must face their past and decide where to go from there. Such is the story of “Fireworks of My Heart,” a moving drama about growing up and finding the courage to be oneself. If you like slow-burn romances, here are four reasons to add this drama to your watchlist!

Excellent performances and chemistry

Yang Yang is no newcomer to the acting scene, so it’s no wonder that he shines as the straight-laced, honest, resilient, and playful Song Yan. His chemistry with Wang Chu Ran, who, while not a new actress, still has less experience under her belt, makes for sometimes steamy, sometimes gently intimate scenes that won’t fail to make your heart flutter. Her performance matches his in every scene: for example, the way she changes her posture and entire demeanor depending on Xu Qin’s environment proves especially striking.

Realistic characters and relationships

Another strong point of “Fireworks” is how realistic it strives to be. Of course, a few happenings during the firefighters’ missions (which are otherwise very well done and will keep your heart pounding the entire time) might raise some eyebrows, but when it comes to relationships and character personality and development, the show manages to make everything feel organic. The characters feel human with their flaws, their qualities, their scars, and everything that implies. Some of them behave badly, some don’t, but you can always understand where they’re coming from. It’s also part of the fun, really: instead of feeding you everything on a silver platter, “Fireworks of My Heart” lets you have fun analyzing the characters from what you’ve been shown of their behavior. In other words: this is a show that believes in your ability to think for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Bromance for the win!

Although it’s clear from the get-go that Yang Yang’s Song Yan and Vin Zhang’s Suo Jun have a very close relationship, theirs is only the tip of the iceberg: the firefighters as a group won’t fail to bring a smile to your face with their antics. These men have been through fire together, literally, and it shows in their daily interactions. From playful banter to supporting each other in difficult times, they’re such a solid group that it’s impossible not to love them.

Communication is key

Are you tired of seeing misunderstandings that could be solved with a single sentence or a tiny bit of communication? “Fireworks of My Heart” has got you covered. Even when they’re not together, the leads almost always communicate, saying the things that need to be said. Of course, there are secrets to unveil and things that they do refuse to talk about, but when it comes to their relationship, they make it very clear where they’re standing, and it’s very, very refreshing.

With stellar performances, very nice shots, and a heartfelt story about healing, finding one’s courage, and standing up for oneself, “Fireworks of My Heart” makes for a delicious slow-burn ripe with chemistry. If you’re looking for well-rounded characters with a lot of growth ahead of them, realistic depictions of second chance relationships, bromance, and a perfect combination of tears and laughter, “Fireworks of My Heart” is definitely the drama for you. Plus, it’s all done airing, so you can binge it right away!

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