TO1’s Chan Apologizes For Wearing A Durag At Last Year’s KCON LA

TO1’s Chan has personally apologized for wearing a durag at KCON 2022 LA last year.

On August 3, Chan took to Instagram Stories to apologize in both English and Korean for wearing a durag during TO1’s performance at KCON 2022 LA, which took place in August of last year.

Chan’s full English apology is as follows:

Hello, this is Cho Chan Hyuk.

I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who has been offended by my outfit for the special stage at KCON 2022 LA.

After the incident, I’ve been contemplating how to phrase my words to express my sincere condolence to those I might have offended.
I apologize for my late apology.

I wore durag to show my utmost respect for Hip-Hop culture, not fully understanding how inappropriate this could be.
I had absolutely no intention to offend or degrade anyone or any culture.

I had been wearing durag on a few occasions, both on- and off-stage, and now I am aware that I wasn’t mindful enough of the seriousness of the issue.

I will take this opportunity to be more attentive to the issues related to diversity and respect and to become a more mature artist.

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