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Upcoming film “Road to Boston” has shared a new poster and teaser!

“Road to Boston” tells the story of Korean national marathoners who eagerly want to compete in an international marathon event for the first time after the liberation of Korea. The Boston Marathon is a prestigious marathon event that boasts a lengthy history and prestige and is held every year on the third Monday of April ever since it started in 1897. In the film “Road to Boston,” the journey and anecdotes of the very first runners from Korea who overcome the chaotic national situation after liberation will unfold.

The released poster depicts historic moments in the lives of the 1936 Berlin Olympics gold medalist Sohn Kee Chung (Ha Jung Woo) and the 1947 Boston Marathon national team member Suh Yun Bok (Im Siwan). Despite winning the gold medal with a new world record time of two hours, 29 minutes, and 19 seconds during the Japanese colonial rule, Sohn Kee Chung is captured with a dejected facial expression while carrying a flowerpot. On the other hand, Suh Yun Bok, who is captured with a Korean flag attached to his shirt, is running for the first time since the liberation of Korea amid intense attention from reporters and spectators from around the world.

The words on the poster read, “I am a marathoner for Korea,” heightening viewers’ curiosity about Suh Yun Bok and Sohn Kee Chung’s journey to Boston in 1947 and the story behind it.

The accompanying trailer begins with director Kang Je Gyu asking the question, “What was Sohn Kee Chung thinking while running 42.195 kilometers at the 1936 Berlin Olympics?” Sohn Kee Jung stands on the podium while listening to the Japanese national anthem with a Japanese flag attached to his shirt. Next, viewers are shown heartbreaking real-life footage of marathoner Sohn Kee Chung returning home as if he were a criminal, with a serious facial expression and under heavy surveillance .

In another scene, Korean athletes are seen wearing the Korean team uniform for the first time since the liberation of Korea. The video concludes with Suh Yun Bok competing in a marathon while wearing a shirt with the Korean flag affixed to it and being cheered on by spectators.

Check out the full trailer here!

“Road to Boston” will be released on September 27.

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