MOMOLAND's Jane Denies Dating Rumors With SEVENTEEN's Joshua

MOMOLAND’s Jane has shut down rumors that she used to be romantically involved with SEVENTEEN’s Joshua.

Earlier this month, a post on an online community claimed that Joshua used to be in a relationship with a specific girl group member several years ago. Although the author of the post didn’t outright name the girl group member, they did provide clues to her identity, and many speculated that the post was about MOMOLAND’s Jane.

Jane has now personally responded to the rumors through a post on her fan communication platform. Explaining that these rumors first started years ago, Jane firmly denied being acquainted with Joshua in any capacity and stated that she has no idea why the rumors began.

Jane’s full post is as follows:

Today, as always, I searched my name online..

I feel very uncomfortable and cautious, so I’m not sure what I should say..

But I want to at least make sure to say something to my fans…. so I dare.. to write this post…

Everyone, during my time in the entertainment industry, I have never once seen in a personal setting the person with whom I’m being linked; in fact, even the people around me have never seen him [in a personal setting], and we have absolutely no connection whatsoever, and yet people keep…… Starting from back then all the way to now, when several years have passed, I don’t know why people are saying things like this, and I have no idea at all. I don’t know anything about this.

I’m making the Jo Se Ho facial expression (“How can I go if I don’t know them!?”). [Note: This is a reference to a popular Korean meme of Jo Se Ho looking bewildered after being asked if he attended the wedding of someone whom he doesn’t know.]

Starting from a long time ago, I’ve been aware that there were such rumors, and back then, fans actually made lots of phone calls to my agency [about it]. So I even faced misunderstandings at my agency because of this.. After that, whenever it came up, because it was absolutely not true and I could swear that with my hand held over my heart without shame, I let it go while thinking, “I guess there’s lots of smoke without fire~” But because I stayed silent, [the rumors] became solidified as fact..

Because now, I really, really, really don’t want any misunderstandings, no matter what they are, I’m saying this with an upset heart…

Thank you…….!!

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