Watch: Main Vocalist Of Popular Girl Group Makes It All The Way To 3rd Round On “The King Of Mask Singer”

On the latest episode of “The King of Mask Singer,” the identity of masked singer “Aloha” was revealed!

During the August 20 broadcast of the MBC singing competition, four contestants continued their quest to challenge the reigning champion for the throne.

In the first match-up of Round 2, Aloha sang a heartfelt cover of Park Hwayobi’s ballad “A night like this.”


On last week’s episode of the show, celebrity panelist Park Chan Min declared that he had figured out Aloha’s identity immediately after watching her sing in Round 1. At the time, he only gave the initials of the girl group member he had in mind, but this week, he went further and specifically guessed that she was ITZY’s Lia.

However, because Aloha wound up winning the round and moving on to Round 3, the audience had to wait a little longer to find out whether Park Chan Min was right.

In Round 3, Aloha performed a charming rendition of The Black Skirts’ “Antifreeze.”

Although she stole the panelists’ hearts with her sweet vocal tone, Aloha ultimately lost Round 3 to her opponent. When she finally took off her mask on stage, it turned out that Park Chan Min had been correct—Aloha was none other than ITZY’s main vocalist Lia.

After she revealed her identity, host Kim Sung Joo asked Lia if she’d been surprised by Park Chan Min recognizing her right away. “I was really surprised,” she replied. “Thank you so much.”

Kim Sung Joo then pointed out that ITZY was famous for their stable live singing, even though their choreography is extremely difficult. Lia humbly remarked, “To be honest, when we first debuted, my voice shook a lot when I sang live, because my style of singing includes a lot of air. So that was a big concern for me. But after practicing a lot, I think I’m now better at singing those songs when I’m dancing.”

However, she went on to share that all that dance practice has its downsides. “Because we’ve done so much dancing since we were young, the other members and I often have a lot of pain in our joints when the weather is bad or when we have to walk up the stairs,” said Lia. “But we’re working hard with the mindset that, if it’s for the sake of putting on a great performance, we can handle that much [pain].”

Watch the full episode of “The King of Mask Singer” with English subtitles below!

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