Here Are 9 Of The Best Bubblegum K-Pop Songs For The Most Energetic Playlist Ever

If you’re having a tough time and need some cheering up, or you just want to make an awesome day even better, an energetic, bubbly K-pop track is the way to go! This list is perfect for everyone – from bubblegum newbies to genre veterans who want a good playlist refresh. There’s no way you can listen to these songs without smiling and bopping your head to the beat!

1. fromis_9’s “Talk & Talk”

A cute song with a cute music video to match, fromis_9’s “Talk & Talk” is one of those songs that you can never get bored of. There’s something about the retro, almost video game-esque track that feels unique without being too much, and the chorus is totally addictive. If you’re looking for cheerful songs, you can’t go wrong with fromis_9!

2. SEVENTEEN’s “Oh My!”

This one is practically a SEVENTEEN classic by now, but newer K-pop fans might not be aware of the magic that is “Oh My!” One of the most easy-listening tracks on this list, “Oh My!” is a song that can convert even self-professed bubblegum K-pop haters. The energetic track is matched perfectly by the vocals and bouncy rap sections, so there’s a lot to love here.

3. Red Velvet’s “Power Up”

If you aren’t familiar with Red Velvet’s concept, the “red” tracks showcase the more fun, bright side of the group while the “velvet” tracks are more sultry and smooth. That being said, “Power Up” represents some of the best that Red Velvet’s bubblegum songs have to offer! A summer release from several years back, “Power Up” is like sunshine in a song.

4. THE BOYZ’s “Bloom Bloom”

THE BOYZ has a lot of versatility when it comes to music genres, but the upbeat, bubblegum-style tracks might be some of their best! “Bloom Bloom” is a great addition to a K-pop playlist because it’s so fun to listen to – it’s impossible to stay sad when this song is on. Plus, the music video is also an instant mood-booster. It’s an all-in-one recipe for fun!

5. STAYC’s “Bubble”

STAYC never disappoints when it comes to bright, cheery K-pop songs. The group’s most recent title track, “Bubble,” is the perfect song for a bubblegum playlist! It has the energetic aspect that’s so key to the genre, but it’s also a good choice for those who are just getting into bubblegum K-pop because it’s easy to listen to over and over again.

6. TXT’s “CROWN”

The debut track from TXT, “CROWN” is a bright song with surprisingly deep lyrics. The beat of this track will definitely have you bopping your head along with it, and the vocals complement it perfectly. It’s energetic without being a headache, so it’s the ideal track for when you need a song to distract you from your worries for a little while.

7. CSR’s “♡TiCON”

In addition to being a cute track, the choreography for CSR’s “♡TiCON” (pronounced “loveticon”) is also super creative! The vocals on this song are stellar, and the rap section has a rhythm to it that’s so addicting to listen to. If you’ve never heard this one before, you should definitely give it a try – it’s the epitome of that sweet bubblegum K-pop sound.

8. NCT Dream’s “We Young”

NCT Dream is the unit of NCT known for having a more youthful, refreshing sound, and “We Young” is definitely that! It’s pretty underrated in terms of NCT Dream title tracks, but if you’re into bubblegum then this one is perfect for you. This one also isn’t too overwhelming on the eardrums, so it’s more versatile. That being said, it’s still a super fun song!

9. Oh My Girl’s “Nonstop”

Last but definitely not least is Oh My Girl’s “Nonstop.” This was the song of the summer three years ago, but it’s still just as good now as it was then! You really can’t go wrong with Oh My Girl tracks if you like the bubblegum sound, so it says a lot that this title track is one of their best releases to date. It’s one that practically every K-pop fan will know and love!

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