Yoon Kye Sang, Yoo Na, Park Sung Hoon, And Kim Shin Rok Are Entangled In A Kidnapping In Upcoming Black Comedy Drama

ENA’s upcoming drama “The Day” has released brand-new character posters!

Based on a novel, “The Day” is a black comedy about a special collaboration between a sloppy kidnapper and an 11-year-old genius girl. Yoon Kye Sang will take on the role of Kim Myung Joon, a first-time kidnapper who abducts an 11-year-old girl to raise money for his daughter’s hospital fees. Yoo Na of “Pachinko” will play the genius girl Choi Ro Hee, who has a cynical and exceptional mind despite her young age and forms a strange bond with Kim Myung Joon.

Yoon Kye Sang’s smile is a perfect fit for the clumsy kidnapper Kim Myung Joon, the prime suspect in a kidnapping case that has turned the country upside down. The caption’s affectionate promise, “I’ll protect you no matter what,” seems to be directed at Choi Ro Hee, hinting at their special bond.

Park Sung Hoon will add tension to the drama as Park Sang Yoon, a detective in pursuit of the truth. Park Sang Yoon, who has quick judgment and cold analytical skills, gets entangled with Kim Myung Joon while investigating an abduction case. However, as he gets closer to the truth, he faces an unexpected secret.

The look in Park Sang Yoon’s eyes as he stares at the monitor reflects his commitment to finding the truth, as does the poster’s caption: “I need to figure it out… What on earth were they aiming for?”

Yoo Na is captured with calm but sad eyes as Choi Ro Hee, a genius girl who loses her memory immediately after meeting kidnapper Kim Myung Joon. Despite her young age, she has a brilliant mind that always shines through in a crisis, raising anticipation for the hilarious and unusual teamwork between Choi Ro Hee and her kidnapper Kim Myung Joon.

As Seo Hye Eun, the mastermind behind the kidnapping, Kim Shin Rok exudes a powerful aura. Seo Hye Eun is Kim Myung Joon’s mysterious ex-wife, who suddenly left him and their daughter three years ago. She then returns to Kim Myung Joon’s side and proposes that he kidnap Choi Ro Hee.

The poster’s caption hints at the secrets hidden behind Seo Hye Eun’s cool poker face, reading, “Do you think only bad people get punished?”

The production team of “The Day” commented, “From laughter and emotions to thrilling plot twists, you can’t help but become immersed in the compelling story.” They added, “Please keep an eye on the overwhelmingly passionate performances of the actors.”

“The Day” premieres on September 13 at 9 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Yoon Kye Sang in “The Outlaws” below:

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