5 K-Pop Idols With The Best Boyfriend Aesthetic Instagrams

If you’re not familiar with the “boyfriend aesthetic,” it’s characterized by casual clothing and everyday settings. Photos with the boyfriend aesthetic are usually unposed or at least posed to look candid. The whole idea of the aesthetic is something attainable, but super attractive – the ideal boyfriend! Here are five idols that are total masters of the boyfriend aesthetic.


DK’s Instagram feed is so perfectly curated, it’s stunning! Filled with snaps and selfies that seem totally natural, DK has the boyfriend aesthetic on lock. He has a creative and interesting photography style that makes for a great feed. Plus, he’s also included tons of pictures with the other SEVENTEEN members!

2. Stray Kids’ I.N

The Stray Kids members are relatively new to the Instagram game (most of them made their own Instagram accounts only in the last month or so,) but maknae I.N has already nailed the boyfriend aesthetic with his feed! His OOTD-style posts and casual poses are super cool, as are the urban backgrounds he typically chooses.

3. TXT’s Soobin

A real master of the boyfriend aesthetic, Soobin’s feed feels more like someone you’d follow on Instagram after meeting in real life – not a celebrity with millions of followers! The slightly blurry quality to a lot of his pictures feel artsy without being overdone, and he looks handsome in all of them without the need for “perfected” poses.

4. NCT’s Jaehyun

Jaehyun’s account almost feels like a documentary of his travels as of late, and I’m here for it! His posts are hugely varied in terms of backdrop, but his casual fashion and effortless vibe remains the same. He may be a world-famous celebrity, but his Instagram feels like that of someone you might run into at your neighborhood café!

5. BTS’s RM

BTS’s leader RM is well-known for his appreciation of the arts, and his Instagram definitely reflects that. It’s a collage of tons of different scenery, people, and paintings, all with that artsy vibe. Despite all that though, his shots feel casual – it never seems like he’s trying too hard to look a certain way. His feed looks like that of a cool college student!

Which other idols’ Instagram accounts give off boyfriend aesthetic vibes? Let us know in the comments!

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