Kim So Hye Cries In Front Of Lee Sang Yeob In

Kim So Hye has disappeared once again in “My Lovely Boxer”!

Based on the award-winning novel, “My Lovely Boxer” is a drama about a genius boxer named Lee Kwon Sook (Kim So Hye) and a cold-blooded sports agent named Kim Tae Young (Lee Sang Yeob), who doesn’t feel guilty about match fixing or resorting to any means necessary for the success of his athletes.


Previously, Kim Tae Young entered the match-fixing world on behalf of pitcher Kim Hee Won (Choi Jae Woong), who failed in a fixed match, drawing out extreme suspense. With his skills as an agent, Kim Tae Young succeeded in finding the genius boxer Lee Kwon Sook, who had disappeared, and winning her heart after persistent persuasion. However, Lee Kwon Sook, who received a match-fixing offer from Kim Tae Young, goes missing again.

In the newly released stills, Tae Young makes a phone call to Kwon Sook, who doesn’t answer his call. Despite Kwon Sook’s request to wait for her to call him back, Tae Young ends up going to Kwon Sook’s house and knocks on her door.

In another set of stills, the two are seated in a cafe, facing each other in a serious atmosphere. Kwon Sook listens to Tae Young with her head down as if she has done him wrong, and soon she bursts into tears. Viewers are curious to find out about what kind of conversation is going on between the two.

Episode 3 of “My Lovely Boxer” airs on August 28 at 9:45 p.m. KST. Stay tuned!

Until then, catch up on the first two episodes:

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