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tvN’s “My Lovely Liar” is already halfway through!

“My Lovely Liar” is a mystery romance drama about a woman who can hear lies and a genius music producer who is hiding his identity. Kim So Hyun stars as Mok Sol Hee, whose supernatural ability to detect lies has made her lose faith in other people, while Hwang Minhyun plays her reclusive next-door neighbor Kim Do Ha, who must hide his face from the world due to an unspeakable secret.

Ahead of the upcoming ninth episode, here are three points to get viewers excited for the second half of the drama!


Mok Sol Hee and Kim Do Ha who changed each other

Mok Sol Hee and Kim Do Ha changed each other with their “faith” in each other. Mok Sol Hee lived her life thinking that her ability to hear lies is a curse rather than a blessing. Kim Do Ha understood and accepted her abilities as they were. Kim Do Ha unconditionally believes whatever Mok Sol Hee says, which was a great source of comfort and strength.

Also For Mok Sol Hee, who classified everything as either a truth or a lie, even a white lie was just a lie. However, when she met Kim Do Ha, she realized that a person’s “sincerity” is more important than the “truth” that can be heard.

Above all, Kim Do Ha was special because he brought excitement to the life of Mok Sol Hee, who had lost faith in people because of the lies she hears. For Kim Do Ha, Mok Sol Hee was his salvation. She was the only one who had faith in him when no one else did, and she was the one who gave him courage to stop running from his past.

As Mok Sol Hee and Kim Do Ha realize that they are special to each other, viewers are wondering if they will be able to express their feelings for each other and start a relationship.

Choi Um Ho’s relentless pursuit of Kim Do Ha and the truth about Kim Do Ha’s mysterious past

Kim Do Ha’s “I didn’t kill her” lie that Mok Sol Hee heard remains a mystery. What is the truth behind this lie that surprised even Kim Do Ha himself?

In the past, Kim Do Ha was a suspect in the Hakcheon Beach missing person case. The fact that he was also a suspect in the murder of his ex-girlfriend Choi Um Ji (Song Ji Hyun) left everyone shocked and confused. He changed his name and became a ghost composer. While the mystery of Kim Do Ha’s past raises questions, the appearance of Choi Um Ji’s brother Choi Um Ho (Kwon Dong Ho), who is relentlessly pursuing Kim Do Ha, heightens the tension.

Mok Sol Hee realizes that Kim Do Ha is the murder suspect Kim Seung Joo, and when Detective Lee Kang Min (Seo Ji Hoon) learns of Kim Do Ha’s real identity, another crisis arises. Viewers are curious to find out the truth about the “Hakcheon Beach missing person case” that caused Kim Do Ha to live in pain and how it will affect the romance between Mok Sol Hee and Kim Do Ha.

The choices “Liar Hunter” Mok Sol Hee and “Genius Ghost Composer” Kim Do Ha will make at a crossroad

Mok Sol Hee, who can hear lies, and genius composer Kim Do Ha are at a crossroad. Mok Sol Hee rethinks her ability to discern truth from lies. As Mok Sol Hee realizes that there are hidden truths and reasons behind the lies she hears that even she can’t determine, viewers cant help but wonder if Mok Sol Hee will continue working as a liar hunter.

Viewers’ attention is also focused on the choice Kim Do Ha will make. Kim Do Ha’s past traumas kept him in hiding, and music was his only refuge. However, Kim Do Ha, determined not to hide anymore, took off his mask and began to show his face. Will Kim Do Ha be able to clear his name, move on from the pain of his past, and continue making music? Viewers are curious to see what choice Kim Do Ha will make and what that choice will mean for him and Mok Sol Hee.

The next episode of “My Lovely Liar” airs on August 28 at 8:50 p.m. KST.

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