Watch: Yoon Kye Sang Becomes Yoo Na's Father After His Plan To Kidnap Her Goes Awry In Teaser For Upcoming Drama

ENA’s upcoming drama “The Kidnapping Day” has released a trailer!

Based on a novel, “The Kidnapping Day” is a black comedy about a special collaboration between a sloppy kidnapper and an 11-year-old genius girl. Yoon Kye Sang will take on the role of Kim Myung Joon, a first-time kidnapper who abducts an 11-year-old girl to raise money for his daughter’s hospital fees. Yoo Na of “Pachinko” will play the genius girl Choi Ro Hee, who has a cynical and exceptional mind despite her young age and forms a strange bond with Kim Myung Joon.

Park Sung Hoon will play Park Sang Yoon, a detective in pursuit of the truth. Park Sang Yoon, who has quick judgment and cold analytical skills, gets entangled with Kim Myung Joon while investigating an abduction case. However, as he gets closer to the truth, he faces an unexpected secret.

The trailer begins with the night Kim Myung Joon attempts to kidnap Choi Ro Hee. A young girl jumps in front of Kim Myung Joon’s car and collapses, shocking Kim Myung Joon. In a phone call with his kidnapping accomplice and ex-wife Seo Hye Eun (Kim Shin Rok), Kim Myung Joon is seen saying, “It’s that child. The child we’re going to kidnap.”

Kim Myung Joon and Seo Hye Eun’s kidnapping plan faces a set back when Choi Ro Hee wakes up with no memories of who she is. Kim Myung Joon decides to pass himself off as her father and starts taking care of her. Things take an unexpected turn when a murder occurs.

In another scene, a man’s voice is heard saying, “Why would a killer take a child?” Viewers are also given a glimpse of Kim Myung Joon and Choi Ro Hee, who look like they’re being chased, leaving viewers wondering how kidnapper Kim Myung Joon is connected to the mysterious murder.

The trailer also gives viewers a glimpse of homicide detective Park Sang Yoon’s determination to uncover the truth as he is seen retracing the killer’s steps. His words, “I’ll  find it. What the hell do you want?” has viewers looking forward to seeing how detective Park Sang Yoon will put his quick judgment and analytical skills to use.

Viewers can’t wait to see if genius girl Choi Ro Hee will regain her memories and what secrets Park Sang Yoon will uncover through his investigation as well as why Seo Hye Eun targeted Choi Ro Hee in the first place.

Watch the trailer here!

“The Kidnapping Day” premieres on September 13 at 9 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Yoon Kye Sang in “The Outlaws” below:

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And catch Park Sung Hoon in “Not Others” here!

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