Lee Joo Young Confirmed Alongside Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Dong Hwi, And Yoo Su Bin For New Crime Thriller Drama

Lee Joo Young will be starring in the upcoming drama “Deal” (literal translation)!

On August 31, wavve confirmed Lee Joo Young will be joining Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Dong Hwi, and Yoo Su Bin as the main cast in its upcoming original series “Deal.”

Based on the award-winning webtoon of the same name, “Deal” tells the story of three former high school classmates in their twenties who get together for drinks for the first time in a long while. After two of them pretend to kidnap the other, things take an unexpected turn, and the ensuing complications lead all three of them down a dark and turbulent path.

Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Dong Hwi, and Yoo Su Bin will portray complex relationships that shift between friends, captives, and accomplices. Lee Joo Young joins the ensemble as a pivotal character in the unfolding case.

Yoo Seung Ho takes on the role of Lee Joon Sung. After losing his way for a while, he finally decides to get his life back together following his military discharge—but just as he’s preparing to make a fresh start, he gets caught up in an unintentional kidnapping. On playing the role, Yoo Seung Ho shared, “Even though it’s my first time portraying an unadorned character, I’ve tried my best to make [the drama] engaging for the audience.”

Kim Dong Hwi will be starring as medical student Song Jae Hyo. Upon facing a crisis in his stable life, Song Jae Hyo impulsively resorts to kidnapping a friend to resolve the issue. Kim Dong Hwi commented, “The sudden situation of a friend kidnapping another friend is a unique story I haven’t seen before. The whole cast and crew have worked hard for this drama, so please anticipate it.”

Yoo Su Bin will be playing the role of Park Min Woo, the hostage of the fake kidnapping. He is kidnapped by his friends whom he reunites with after a long time. Despite his innocent appearance, he’s a character ready to strike back at any given moment. Yoo Su Bin shared, “To connect with [Park Min Woo] who is stuck in extreme situations, I focused on my facial expressions and dialogue [delivery] since my movements were limited due to being tied up.”

Lastly, Lee Joo Young portrays the police cadet Cha Soo An, who chases down the kidnapping case. Driven by her sense of justice, Cha Soo An decides to launch an investigation upon hearing suspicious sounds from her neighbor’s place. Lee Joo Young commented, “Please keep an eye on Soo An’s choices as she confronts the case.”

“Deal” is set to premiere in October.

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