Kim So Hye Enjoys Trips With Kim Jin Woo And Lee Sang Yeob In “My Lovely Boxer”

KBS2’s “My Lovely Boxer” has released new stills!

Based on the award-winning novel, “My Lovely Boxer” is a drama about a genius boxer named Lee Kwon Sook (Kim So Hye) and a cold-blooded sports agent named Kim Tae Young (Lee Sang Yeob), who doesn’t feel guilty about match fixing or resorting to any means necessary for the success of his athletes.


Previously, Tae Young, who became suspicious of Jae Min (Kim Jin Woo) for approaching Kwon Sook, carried out an investigation on him and found out that he applied for a job at S&P three years ago but was rejected. Jae Min revealed his intention, saying that he wants to become Kwon Sook’s agent once Tae Young’s contract with Kwon Sook is over.

Amidst this situation, newly released stills capture Kwon Sook and Jae Min enjoying a camping trip together. Jae Min, who decided to go all in for Kwon Sook, prepares everything from luxurious camping equipment to delicious camping dishes for her.

On the other hand, Tae Young and Chul Yong (Kim Hyung Mook), who followed Kwon Sook and Jae Min to the camping site, are in stark contrast with their humble camping equipment. Tae Young and Chul Yong look at Kwon Sook and Jae Min’s feast with envious eyes, and eventually they approach them and join their table naturally.

Kwon Sook’s frown conveys her discomfort as if she feels her date is being interrupted by the two uninvited guests.

In another set of stills below, Kwon Sook and Tae Young go on a field training trip. The two sit side by side and have a conversation on the sandy beach. Kwon Sook gazes at the open sea as she confesses to Tae Young that she wishes everything would end soon. Tae Young remains silent with a facial expression that is hard to read.

In addition, the child-like innocent look of Tae Young and Kwon Sook, who are drenched in water and laughing as they pull each other into the sea, makes viewers look forward to the upcoming episode to find out whether their relationship becomes closer.

The next episode of “My Lovely Boxer” airs on September 4 at 9:45 p.m. KST. Stay tuned!

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