Kim So Hye And WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo Lean In Close In “My Lovely Boxer”

KBS2’s “My Lovely Boxer” has unveiled new stills!

Based on the award-winning novel, “My Lovely Boxer” is a drama about a genius boxer named Lee Kwon Sook (Kim So Hye) and a cold-blooded sports agent named Kim Tae Young (Lee Sang Yeob), who doesn’t feel guilty about match fixing or resorting to any means necessary for the success of his athletes.


Previously, Han Jae Min (WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo) fell for Lee Kwon Sook as she claimed victory ahead of her return match, and he prepared a heart-fluttering camping trip for her.

In the newly released stills, Lee Kwon Sook and Han Jae Min enjoy a sweet romantic date at the gym. Lee Kwon Sook is surprised to see Han Jae Min visiting the gym without notice, and Han Jae Min greets Lee Kwon Sook with a sweet smile and affectionate gaze.

Another still depicts Jae Min wearing head gear as he transforms into Kwon Sook’s boxing student. He preps to send a punch in Kwon Sook’s direction, but Kwon Sook smiles brightly as if she finds Jae Min’s actions to be cute.

Afterwards, Jae Min wordlessly looks at Kwon Sook before he starts to lean in close for a kiss with the sunlight shining down on the two creating a breathtaking scene.

However, the last still has Tae Young frozen in shock as he witnesses the two getting affectionate, making viewers curious to discover his change in emotions.

The next episode of “My Lovely Boxer” airs on September 5 at 9:45 p.m. KST. Stay tuned!

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