Kim Hieora's Agency Releases Brief Initial Statement Regarding Allegations And Reports About Her Past

Kim Hieora’s agency has released a statement regarding recent allegations about her past.

On September 6, Dispatch released a lengthy report regarding accusations of Kim Hieora being a member of what was allegedly an iljin (school bullying) group called Big Sangji at Sangji Girls’ Middle School. According to the report, Big Sangji is a gathering notorious for extortion, assault, verbal abuse, and more. The alleged victims who reported about Big Sangji claimed that they extorted money to give to the older students of the group. They claimed that if they didn’t have the money, the members would curse at them and hit them, and they further alleged that Kim Hieora was a member and sent them on errands to buy cigarettes and extorted money.

In an interview with Dispatch, Kim Hieora stated that Big Sangji was the name of an online community that she was a member of rather than an iljin group. She further claimed, “Although I’ve been hit by the older students without reason, I have never hit a friend or a younger student.” In the interview, Kim Hieora apologized and admitted to being a bystander to the activities.

Furthermore, the report detailed an incident in which Kim Hieora was punished as an accomplice to a younger student (hereafter referred to as “X”) for stealing money from a classroom, but both Kim Hieora and X stated that Kim Hieora had no part in the incident and that X had stolen the money on her own accord with the intention of helping Kim Hieora who was having financial difficulties.

In response to the report, Kim Hieora’s agency Gram Entertainment released the following statement:

This is actress Kim Hieora’s agency Gram Entertainment.

We apologize for causing concern to many people through sudden news.

We are preparing an official statement, so we kindly ask you please wait.

We once again apologize with heavy hearts.

Furthermore, Kim Hieora was scheduled to participate in the recording for “SNL Korea Season 4” on September 7 as the host. A source from “SNL Korea Season 4” also stated, “‘The recording for ‘SNL Korea Season 4’ has been canceled. The September 9 broadcast of episode 9 will be canceled.”

Kim Hieora recently wrapped up her latest drama “The Uncanny Counter 2,” and according to Dispatch, the actress asked for the article to be withheld until the drama ended in order not to cause any harm to the cast.

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