Lee Shin Young, Xiumin, Hyungwon, And More Discover New Talents While Running A Supermarket In “CEO-Dol Mart”

TVING’s upcoming drama “CEO-dol Mart” has dropped colorful character posters!

“CEO-dol Mart” tells the story of the idol group Thunder Boys consisting of Choi Ho Rang (Lee Shin Young), Shin Tae Ho (EXO’s Xiumin), Jo Yi Joon (MONSTA X’s Hyungwon), Eun Young Min (Choi Won Myeong), and Yoon Sang Woo (Lee Sae On). On the day they reach the peak of their careers, they are made to disband due to an unexpected accident. While each living their own lives separate from one another for five years, they realize the shocking truth that they are owners of a supermarket on paper.

The newly released posters feature the individual members of Thunder Boys and the section they are responsible for at the supermarket. First, Thunder Boys’ leader Choi Ho Rang is in charge of the fruit and vegetable section. Although he is a tsundere (seemingly cold on the outside but warmhearted on the inside), Choi Ho Rang cares for his members more than anyone else and takes the lead in running the business just as he led Thunder Boys with his upright personality.

Thunder Boys’ main dancer Shin Tae Ho becomes a cashier as he has outstanding memory and is great at doing math in his head. Shin Tae Ho uses his skills to appeal his friendliness by memorizing great details about the customers and becomes the face of the supermarket.

Thunder Boys’ rapper Jo Yi Joon is in charge of the fish section. Jo Yi Joon discovers his natural talent in managing the fish section and starts uploading videos of him filleting fish, which later garner a great number of views.

Thunder Boys’ vocalist Eun Young Min rules the meat section with his unrivaled skills from boning to cooking.

Yoon Sang Woo, the youngest member who also received the most love from fans, is in charge of beverages. Yoon Sang Woo greets customers with his lovely smile and showcases his cuteness.

In addition, there is Oh Ye Rim (Choi Jung Woon), a part-timer who has been working at Boram Mart for seven years. With her experience and knowledge about Boram Mart, Oh Ye Rim gives guidance to the new CEOs, who have absolutely no experience in running a supermarket, by passing on various know-hows such as how to target customers at each section, what the best-selling items are, what to do each day of the week, and so on.

The production team remarked, “If you come to ‘CEO-dol Mart,’ which will premiere on September 15, young people who are standing at the crossroads between dreams and reality will be waiting for you. The process of the five idols-turned-CEOs, who have already experienced the bitter taste of life, maturing as they face reality at the end of their 20s will make your time fly by.”

“CEO-dol Mart” is set to premiere on September 15 at 4 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki!

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