Uee And Ha Jun Get Off On The Wrong Foot In New Romance Drama “Live Your Own Life”

KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Live Your Own Life” has shared a sneak peek of Uee and Ha Jun’s unfortunate first encounter!

“Live Your Own Life” is a new drama starring Uee as Lee Hyo Shim, a warmhearted personal trainer and self-sacrificing daughter who has always put her family’s needs before her own—until she finally makes up her mind to break free from her leech-like family and pursue her own happiness. Ha Jun will star as Kang Tae Ho, the director of the planning division of a conglomerate group, who eventually winds up becoming one of Hyo Shim’s clients.

In newly released stills from the upcoming drama, Hyo Shim and Tae Ho get off on the wrong foot during their chaotic first meeting. As a former track-and-field athlete, Hyo Shim goes for an early-morning run every day, and on one fateful run, she accidentally falls towards Tae Ho while trying to avoid an oncoming bicycle.

When Hyo Shim asks Tae Ho for his contact information so that she can get in touch with him regarding medical treatment, Tae Ho glares at her and retorts frostily, “My contact information is a bit expensive.” Shocked by his response, an annoyed Hyo Shim stares at Tae Ho in disbelief.

Reflecting on the nature of their characters’ dynamic, Uee commented, “Maybe it’s because they started bickering as soon as they met, but Hyo Shim gets honest when she’s with Tae Ho. There’s a comfortable charm about Tae Ho, where Hyo Shim is able to show him her true self, and it’s because of Tae Ho that Hyo Shim starts to think about living life for herself.”

Meanwhile, Ha Jun teased that things will change between the two characters when they meet for the second time.

“When [Tae Ho] discovers [Hyo Shim] working out alone at the gym in the wee hours of the morning, he is both surprised and awed,” shared the actor. “Tae Ho has always thought that because he’s in the midst of a battlefield, he can’t afford to develop feelings for someone. But he’s actually always really wanted to lean on someone, and he finds himself gradually wanting more and more to lean on Hyo Shim, who works hard and has a strong sense of responsibility.”

“Live Your Own Life” premieres on September 16 at 8:05 p.m. KST and will be available with subtitles on Viki.

Check out a teaser for the drama with English subtitles below!

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