Yoo Seung Ho And Kim Dong Hwi Are The Targets Of Lee Joo Young's Kidnapping Investigation In

wavve’s upcoming drama “The Deal” has unveiled character posters of its four leads!

Based on the award-winning webtoon of the same name, “The Deal” tells the story of three former high school classmates in their twenties who get together for drinks for the first time in a long while. However, things take an unexpected turn when two of them impulsively decide to kidnap the other, and the ensuing complications lead all three of them down a dark and turbulent path.

Yoo Seung Ho will star as Lee Joon Sung, who was a rising soccer star during his high school days, but whose dreams have since been shattered. After losing his way for a while, he finally decides to get his life back together—but just as he’s preparing to make a fresh start, he gets caught up in an unexpected kidnapping.

The caption on Lee Joon Sung’s poster reveals that his involvement in the kidnapping was unplanned, with the character asking in shock, “Have you gone crazy? This is a crime.”

Kim Dong Hwi will star in the drama as Song Jae Hyo, a medical student whose life seemed stable and problem-free. However, when an unforeseen crisis puts him in danger of having to leave school, he makes a brash decision to resort to kidnapping.

In his poster, Song Jae Hyo asks Lee Joon Sung threateningly, “But you know you’re an accomplice too, right?”

Yoo Su Bin will play the role of Park Min Woo, the only son of a wealthy family. When he winds up being kidnapped by his friends, he adds suspense to the story by constantly forcing them to change their plans over and over again through his unpredictable behavior.

The caption on Park Min Woo’s poster reads, “Do I look like easy prey to you?”

Finally, Lee Joo Young will star in the drama as Cha Soo An, a police cadet who is passionate about justice. When she hears suspicious sounds coming from her neighbor’s apartment, she decides to investigate.

In her poster, Cha Soo An declares, “Someone’s been kidnapped in the place across from mine.”

“The Deal” will premiere on October 6.

In the meantime, watch Lee Joo Young in “Young Actors’ Retreat” with subtitles below:

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Or watch Yoo Seung Ho in “Moonshine” below!

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