Exclusive: BLACKPINK Closes

BLACKPINK has closed out their “BORN PINK” tour with a bang for their finale in Seoul!

From September 16 to 17, BLACKPINK wrapped up their successful “BORN PINK” world tour with a grand finale in Seoul, making history as the first K-pop female artist to hold a concert at Gocheok Sky Dome.

Kicking off with fireworks and powerful dance performances, BLACKPINK made their entrance with “Pink Venom,” filling up Gocheok Sky Dome with their explosive energy. Greeting the sea of pink, the BLACKPINK members each took turns introducing themselves. Rosé shared, “We’re finally performing in Seoul after one year—I’m really happy!”

Keeping the energy going, BLACKPINK continued with performances of “How You Like That” and “Pretty Savage” and an emotional performance of “Kick It.” Lisa remarked, “I think the screaming is louder [today].” Jisoo added, “Let’s keep going with this high energy,” while Jennie suggested doing a stretch with their light sticks to get everyone ready for the concert and energized.

BLACKPINK checked the audience’s energy with an impressive performance of “WHISTLE.” Afterwards, the concert highlighted BLACKPINK’s dance crew and their eye-catching performances as the members got ready for their solo performances. Taking the time to showcase BLACKPINK’s illustrious solo careers, Jennie performed “Solo” and “YOU & ME,” with a beautiful duo performance using shadows. Rosé impressed with her vocals through “Gone” and “On The Ground,” while Jisoo brought everyone’s attention on her with “All Eyes On ME” and “FLOWER,” and Lisa amped up the crowd with her powerful rapping and captivating dancing through “MONEY.”

Following their performance of “Kill This Love,” BLACKPINK had the audience clapping and singing along with “Lovesick Girls” and “PLAYING WITH FIRE.” After a performance from the live band, BLACKPINK created a story on stage through a musical-like performance of “Typa Girl.” With deafening cheers, BLACKPINK brought the house down with “Shut Down.”

As the crowd waved their light sticks and sang along, BLACKPINK showed off their sweet chemistry with their performance of “Don’t Know What To Do.” Rosé shared, “I’m so happy that so many people came to our last [‘BORN PINK’] concert.” She added, “I’m so happy to be able to have our last performance in Seoul. Thank you. I’m not going to cry today because I cried yesterday.” Jennie remarked, “Today feels like a day to wrap up the past year.” Finally BLACPINK began to reach the climax of their concert with “Tally,” “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” and “Forever Young,” signaling the beginning of the end of their show with a resounding, “BLACPINK in your area!”

After handing over the spotlight to fans to showcase their dancing skills while waiting for the encore, BLACKPINK returned to greet BLINKs again with fan favorites including “Stay,” “BOOMBAYAH,” and “Yeah Yeah Yeah.”

Wrapping up, Jisoo shared, “One year ago, around this time, we started [our concert] in Seoul, and one year later now, we got to wrap up the concert, so I’m happy to wrap up with good memories until the end. Thank you, BLINK. While performing yesterday and today, I got the thought that while performing for the past year, it is a relief no one got hurt and everyone stayed healthy. I’m grateful many BLINKs gave us strength. BLINK, BLACKPINK, and all the staff, you’ve all worked so hard. Thank you.”

Rosé remarked, “Our first-ever Seoul concert feels like it was just yesterday,” mentioning how Jennie had also teared up at the time and that she still looks the same four to five years later. She continued, “It feels like yesterday, but we are doing our second world tour. It’s so fascinating. It feels like yesterday even though we went back and forth on a plane so much. It feels like we’ve become one with BLINK, and although this is our ‘last’ [‘BORN PINK’ concert], it feels like we will be together forever.”

Lisa shared, “I wrote what I wanted to say on my phone because I didn’t want to forget what I wanted to say. To our BLINKs, it’s been over 2,596 days since we met. We were able to perform at such diverse and amazing concert venues thanks to BLINKs. If it weren’t for BLINKs, we couldn’t have done it. Thank you so much for being with us through rain or shine. Thank you BLINKs for this amazing experience, and I really love you all. And thank you BLINKs for making my 20s shine.”

Finally, Jennie shared, “First, I want to tell the members that they’ve worked really hard. There was a lot of time spent traveling and flying, but the four of us led each other with great strength and stayed in good health, so I really want to tell my members that they’ve worked so hard. It’s been seven years since our debut, and while looking back on those times, in order to show how impressive we are, we weren’t always able to meet BLINKs in Korea, so that was really unfortunate. I really wanted to do our encore here, so I’m very happy. Thank you. To all tour staff who worked hard and ran until the end to wrap up the finale, I know you all worked hard, so I want to spread this honor with the staff. And BLINKs, thank you for loving and cheering us on as always. We will work hard and continue to be BLACKPINK who always impresses.”

Finally, BLACKPINK concluded with their performance of “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST,” taking turns to give a grand bow and to once again thank everyone including BLINKs, their dancers, band, and staff for their successful “BORN PINK” tour.

After kicking off their “BORN PINK” world tour in Seoul at KSPO Dome last year in October, BLACKPINK held a total of 66 concerts in 34 cities, seeing approximately 1.8 million audience members worldwide.

Congratulations to BLACKPINK on a successful world tour!

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment

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