“The Penthouse” Star Ha Do Kwon To Make Special Appearance In “The Escape Of The Seven”

Get ready for a special cameo by Ha Do Kwon in the next episode of “The Escape of the Seven”!

“The Escape of the Seven” is a new SBS drama created by the writer and director of the hit “The Penthouse” series. With a star-studded cast including Hwang Jung Eum, Uhm Ki Joon, Lee Joon, Lee Yoo Bi, Shin Eun Kyung, Yoon Jong Hoon, Jo Yoon Hee, and Jo Jae Yoon, “The Escape of the Seven” follows a tale of revenge against seven people involved in the disappearance of a missing girl.

Ha Do Kwon, who received lots of love for his scene-stealing performance as the detestable teacher Ma Doo Gi in “The Penthouse,” will be making a special appearance in the upcoming episode of the new drama. Ha Do Kwon will play a veteran actor who is set to work with rising star Han Mo Ne (Lee Yoo Bi).


In newly released stills from the next episode, Han Mo Ne happily arrives at the table read for her upcoming drama, which marks her first big step towards superstardom. However, things take an unexpected turn when an uninvited visitor shows up: Bang Da Mi (Jung Ra El)’s adoptive mother Park Nan Young (Seo Young Hee).

To Han Mo Ne’s horror, Park Nan Young shakes up the entire table read with her arrival, and the older actors—including Ha Do Kwon’s character—are visibly shocked at the unforeseen turn of events. With her budding acting career seemingly falling into danger once again, it remains to be seen whether Han Mo Ne will be able to overcome this unexpected new hurdle.

Meanwhile, on the previous episode of “The Escape of the Seven,” Bang Chil Sung (Lee Deok Hwa) realized that someone had been framing Bang Da Mi, and he swore revenge on those who had attacked his granddaughter.

In a second set of photos from the upcoming episode, Bang Chil Sung’s eyes burn with fury as he decides to take action on behalf of his missing granddaughter. As the powerful and wealthy chairman begins making moves, Geum Ra Hee (Hwang Jung Eum) and Cha Joo Ran (Shin Eun Kyung) also look determined to survive the crisis that has befallen them.

The producers of “The Escape of the Seven” teased, “The revenge against the evildoers who played a part in the fake news is starting. Please keep an eye on Park Chil Sung’s next moves.”

They went on to add, “The ‘Pompom Girl incident’ is only just beginning. There will be a plot twist that goes beyond anything you might have imagined.”

To find out what twists lie ahead, tune in to the next episode of “The Escape of the Seven” on September 23 at 10 p.m. KST!

In the meantime, watch the first three episodes of the drama with subtitles on Viki below:

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