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K-pop music videos are full of diverse themes and stories. From girl crush confidence boosters to bright, playful dances to the eternal struggles of youth, there’s a story out there for everyone to get hooked into. However, with the spooky season upon us, there’s something so entertaining when a music video gets, well, “killer.” Here are nine K-pop music videos with killer plots.

“You can’t sit with us” and “Heart Burn” – Sunmi

Nothing invites the killer theme and spooky season more than embracing mythical creatures. Fortunately, the stunning and talented Sunmi has two music videos that embrace the nature of the supernatural. The first is “You can’t sit with us,” which follows the story of Sunmi doing her best to survive a zombie attack, and the second is “Heart Burn,” in which Sunmi seems like an immortal being who has led men to their deaths for centuries.

“Don’t Say No” – Seohyun

Following the theme of femme fatales, “Don’t Say No” by Seohyun is another great watch. The video follows the story of her getting revenge on a man she caught with another woman. With neon colors, glitz, and glam, audiences watch Seohyun feed her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend screws, chains, and more. The video ends with him perched over the table, having fallen prey to her poison.

“Something New” – Taeyeon

Of course, not every killer K-pop music video is a story of femme fatales or those who have been scorned by love. If you’re looking for something akin to “John Wick,” try watching “Something New” by Taeyeon. The striking and cinematic music video follows Taeyeon being attacked by assassins at every turn.

“Chase” – Minho

Killer plot in K-pop music videos also wouldn’t be complete without one that’s filled with heartbreak. Minho’s stunning solo debut music video “Chase” follows the heartbreak of losing a lover in an insane accident. His acting skills really shine here as he brings you the intense emotions of being haunted by a lover.

“Daechwita” and “Haegeum” – Suga

If you’re looking for something more philosophical, try watching this riveting duology from Suga (Agust D). The story is laced with corruption, perseverance, revenge, and, of course, murder as the peasant version of Agust D fights against the nefarious and exploitative king in the first installment “Daechwita” but continues this vicious cycle in “Haegeum.” Whether you view it as a journey of self-acceptance as someone who grapples with the emptiness they feel when they’ve reached the top or a critique of society’s class structure, the videos make for a thought-provoking watch.

“Russian Roulette” and “Peek-A-Boo” – Red Velvet

Saving the best for last, nothing screams more killer plot in a K-pop music videos than “Russian Roulette” and “Peek-A-Boo” by Red Velvet. The first follows the quirky, bright, yet sinister plot of the members trying to kill each other with lockers, pianos, and much more. Meanwhile, the creepiness of the latter showcases the great cat-and-mouse chase between a predator (the Red Velvet members) and their prey (pizza boys, everywhere).

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