Rowoon Is A Grumpy And Unfortunate Young Widower In New Rom-Com Drama “The Matchmakers”

KBS2’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “The Matchmakers” has shared the first glimpse of Rowoon in character!

“The Matchmakers” is a rom-com drama set during the Joseon dynasty. It tells the story of the meeting between the young widower Shim Jung Woo (Rowoon) and young widow Jung Soon Deok (Cho Yi Hyun) as well as the struggle the two go through together to marry off Joseon era’s unmarried women and men who are considered older than the typical prime age range.

Rowoon will take on the role of Shim Jung Woo, the widowed son-in-law of the king who is brilliant enough to become the youngest person to pass the Civil Service Exam. However, he is also a person of misfortune whose chances for a higher social status and future marriage prospects slip away when the princess he’s meant to marry passes away during their wedding ceremony.

The newly released stills capture Shim Jung Woo filing an appeal for an annulled marriage, an ordeal he has been facing for eight years. Clad in a vibrant pink hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) that accentuates his handsome appearance, Shim Jung Woo wears a resolute expression while striding purposefully towards Seungjeongwon (the administrative office of the Royal Secretariat during the Joseon dynasty). In the next stills, Shim Jung Woo exchanges intense glances and vents his frustration with the office’s manager, raising curiosity about the reasons behind his anger.

Rowoon expressed his enthusiasm for the role, sharing, “I found the script captivating right from the start. Working on set with fellow actors made it even more enjoyable. Shim Jung Woo feels like a brand-new character, different from any I’ve portrayed before.” He also warmly invited viewers, saying, “I’m greeting you again through a historical drama after a long while. Please stay tuned for the first episode.”

The production team added, “Through ‘The Matchmakers,’ Rowoon will unveil a completely different side of himself as the grumpy widower, a transformation you can only see in ‘The Matchmakers.’ Please eagerly anticipate the romantic comedy historical drama ‘The Matchmakers’ that will showcase Rowoon’s exceptional acting.”

“The Matchmakers” is set to premiere on October 30 at 9:45 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki. Stay tuned!

Until then, watch Rowoon in “Extraordinary You”:

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