10 Iconic Choreos That Any True K-Pop Fan Will Recognize

While there are plenty of songs that any K-pop fan worth their salt will know, it takes some next-level popularity to reach the same status for a choreography! From random play dance ride-or-dies to moves so creative they instantly go viral, here are some of the most recognizable K-pop choreos. In no particular order, let’s get started!


An oldie but a goodie, EXID’s “UP&DOWN” first went viral thanks to a fancam of member Hani that gained instant fame. Even almost 10 years later, that chorus is a choreography that pretty much any K-pop stan will recognize! You can still see dance covers of this song being performed on idol variety shows to this day.


Forget just K-pop stans—even non-fans will know this one! PSY’s “GANGNAM STYLE” went viral for its addictive beat, and the easy-to-follow choreography also made it popular among those who aren’t necessarily the most dance proficient. Love it or hate it, this is one everyone will recognize!


One of the first fourth-gen K-pop choreographies to truly achieve icon status, any active K-pop stan will recognize Ryujin’s “shoulder dance” from the intro of this song. “WANNABE” is one of the more difficult girl group choreographies, but it’s still super popular at random play dances due to its popularity.


The song that put SEVENTEEN on the K-pop map, “VERY NICE” remains one of their most recognizable choreographies. Not only is the synchronization super impressive, but the moves are energetic and fun to watch. It’s even been performed on recent survival shows like “Boys Planet“—that’s how iconic it is!


A hit from earlier in TWICE’s career, “TT” has the iconic move that matches the title of the track that any K-pop fan will know instantly. It’s also easy enough to follow along with that beginner dancers can learn it, which might be part of the reason why so many fans recognize it. That chorus is just too fun!

SHINee’s Taemin – “MOVE”

This choreography is iconic for many reasons, and it’s arguably one of the most recognizable choreographies from a male soloist in K-pop history. It’s harder to perform than it looks since it requires so much body control, but the result is just so satisfying to watch. This is one that every K-pop dance enthusiast should know!

NewJeans – “OMG”

Even though NewJeans is a pretty recent addition to the K-pop scene, the group has already cemented its status as industry legend. Thanks to TikTok and other social media platform trends, even those who aren’t fans of K-pop might recognize this choreography. Plus, it’s so fun to dance to!

Stray Kids – “God’s Menu”

With the rather unique “cooking” concept of this song, it makes sense that the choreography would be unique too! Part of the reason that this song went so viral is thanks to the choreography, which really made the rounds on social media. The “chop” and “fry” parts of the chorus make it instantly recognizable!


Already one of the most popular girl groups of this era despite being from a small company, the choreography for “ASAP” is every bit as iconic as the song itself. Pretty much every idol in the industry was dancing to this one when it first came out, and it stays popular among fans too. It’s a random play dance classic!


Renowned not only for its difficulty but also for its legend status in the industry, BTS’s “IDOL” deserves the hype! The creative choreography and sharp moves make it a master-level K-pop dance, and even if the dance practice was on mute, most stans would still recognize it. Iconic for a reason!

What other K-pop choreographies would you consider to be instantly recognizable? Let us know in the comments below!

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